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Ndigbo & 2023 Presidency: Expectations From Buhari, North & West

By Chuks Ibegbu

  • Ndigbo and 2023 Presidency: The Expectations From President Muhammadu Buhari, the North and the West

The 2023 Presidential election is still afar off. Yet the issues, dynamics and discussion of the expectations at that time is now a matter of public debate and discourse.Though the President has not shown by his body language , comments and facial parameters what is in his mind , it is obvious , like in other lands that he would be interested in who succeeds him.

Astonishingly to political pundits however is the grandstanding of some political warhorses from the North and West , even when they are still occupying and have occupied the position several times.

For the war horses from the North Ex President Goodluck Jonathan enervated the rotational and zoning Presidency principle and denied the North the completion of the Yaradua tenure. They feel the South East should bear the consequences of that Jonathan ‘political arrogance’

For the likes of TINUBU, FAYEMI, AMOSUN and possibly OSIBANJO  from the South west, all is fair in politics and morality play a secondary role.

Though they have not openly shown their ambition, it may not be a remote possibility.

But political watchers and pundits believe what matters most now is the political stability of the nation still rife in agitations and secessional clamors. Even in politics there is morality and the South East and Igbos in particular , a third leg of the Nigeria original make up need to be assured they are part of the Nigeria project.

Whether they voted for President Buhari or not in 2015 and 2019 is not the issue now. The issue is that their own need to occupy Aso Rock in 2023 to assure them they belong to the entity called Nigeria, else there is no morality in insisting that agitations from the zone should end. They cannot be perpetual onlookers in the political chessboard of Nigeria.

What is the expected from President Muhammadu Buhari, the North and the West in 2023?

This will be considered in the second part of this write up.

Chuks Ibegbu, Political Analyst and spokesman of Ohanaeze Ndigbo Worldwide

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