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Ndigbo do not need physical Biafra again but Biafra of the mind



The Nigerian state and Igbo states (political office holders) are all guilty of the sin of not creating a better living space for not only Igbo young men and women but for other Nigerians. 

Even the areas that want the status quo in Nigeria to remain have done little or nothing to improve the living condition of their people. They still remain the most backward part of the country.

It is not in doubt however that because of the perennial bigot and inept leadership of the past and the structural defects of the country, Igbo youths bear the brunt more than youths from other zones. 

By their genetic make-up, Igbos and their youths are achievement-oriented and any constraint to that frustrates them. They have the genetic capacity to excel in whatever they do.

Igbo youths feel the Nigerian state is not giving them the opportunity to excel and perhaps they could be better-off in a utopian Biafran state. Nobody should blame them for this belief. 

The duty of a government is to provide for its people but the Nigerian government and even south east governments have failed to do that.  

It was this same situation that led to the dismemberment of Sudan, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, East Timor, Eritrea and South Sudan. 

The other states that achieved independence except South Sudan are now in a state of tranquility and progress.  

Their human energy and capacity is now better utilized and there is good neighborliness among the separate countries.  

The factors that create the urge for dismemberment of Nigeria are endemically there. 

Talk of the constant bloodletting, poor condition of living, insecurity of lives and properties, violent armed robbery and killings everywhere.

Despite all these, this author still believes that the Nigerian state can be restored to a nation where dreams can be realised. 

It’s possible. Her diversity can be a blessing instead of the present seeming curse. 

For that to happen however, the rulers of this richly blessed country must have the will to implement some of the very important resolutions of the National Confab.

We can never run away from it if we want this country to continue to exist. This is a fact.

I think Igbos are part of the LANDLORD of the Nigerian state and a Landlord cannot leave his house for a tenant. No way!

We cannot leave Nigeria for anybody, especially people from the Futa Djalon .This time around we shall all stay here and fight it out for a better society.  Even the Yorubas now calling for secession are joking. Nobody is going anywhere.

Chuks Ibegbu

Chancellor, Igbo Information Network and National Chairman 

Ohanaeze Ndigbo Stakeholders Forum


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