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NDIGBO-OHANAEZE’s burden, and if Emeka Odemegwu Ojukwu were to still be with us

The Sunday conversation with Eberekpe Ogho


It is going to be a very long and deliberate conversation, which has already commenced and would not come to its fullness until the quarter of 2023.

Yes, President Buhari and his administration should worry about fixing the country if they can, while the rest of us must be concerned about that worrisome and nagging thought: after President Buhari, who is next and where should that emergence swing?

The present conviction is that it has to come from the southeast; of course, it only has to come from that extraction; the north should know this and the west and southwest and others must be responsible enough to acknowledge this: one is certain these other political axises do not need the tutoring in the matter.

It is the time for the southeast, we will not be debating this known fact because it will just be fine for all of our sanity as a people and country.

Now, the question is: who amongst the Igbos is more qualified for this role; the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria come 2023 when Buhari bids all of us a presidential goodbye?

This is it: Ndigbo-Ohanaeze cannot afford to be lackadaisical to feed a local, indigenous politician no matter that person’s real or over-bloated achievements to compete in the national stage; doing so would be a political death for the group and the Igbos, once again furthering the long wait of participation where it matters the most.

Ndigbo-Ohanaeze needs a national and international player, and of course, a local master in the game and act of politics.

There are the questions of ‘if’ and ‘who’.

Nobody would have asked those ‘if’ and ‘who’ questions if Dim Odemegwu Ojukwu, a lover of Nigeria and his kinsmen was alive.

Ojukwu has since passed on and Ndigbo-Ohaneze will have to decide fast and rationally.

One is most certain, that the umbrella of the Igbo people and its cultural promoter will both not have any difficulty, in all their wisdom, picking up the best candidate to represent them and take Nigeria to the next level to the pride of Ndigbo and the entirety of the Nigerian race.

Peter Gregory Obi is certainly not the answer! Yes, one has to be blunt with the fact without the mince of words.

Astonished? Do not be. In a conversation with a professor and a lecturer and an Igbo man; his first reaction when the question of choice was presented to him was, Peter Obi, the Ex-governor of Anambra State.

Pursuing the conversation further, and with all his learning, he realised he has been hasty and sentimental in his judgement, which was faulty of a professor with all his learning to mentally analyse a matter before running with it.

Intellectual intelligence without knowing is a dance in the forest of vipers and the devourers.

Peter Obi is an intelligent man; while intelligence is and may count as a good quality, what is more important is the cutting edge; Peter Gregory Obi lacks it, Dim Odemegwu Ojukwu had it but he is late. And this is what Ndigbo-Ohanaeze must consider with a decisive deliberation.

This is the fact about Nigeria’s polity, politics and politicking: the north is in control of the political power game; take it or leave, it is a fact no Nigerian can shy away from in the present time.

If power is going to shift from the north, take the word for it, the north must be in the know and decides the shift and to whom, and that individual must be trusted and a friend of the north. The fact. Debate upon it, argue as you may and continue to have a sleepless conversation over the matter: you are on your own, the north shall always be the decider of that political, power and paradigm shift.

It is the way the country has been structured over the years since independence, and it is going to remain so for a long while to come.

From Obasanjo to Jonathan and those who have headed the country, ballots are not always the swinger of elections and which direction it should head in victory; a particular power bloc and deciders will have to have the final say.

Because victory has never been for the people but for the decoders who must give all the assurance that the victory must go and meet the people from the decided.

And for that to happen in 2023 that say will have to depend on who can be trusted by the deciders, the friend of the deciders, not only having the intelligence, but also the cutting edge not to love his or her tribe or ethnic composition more than the deciders and the rest of the other Nigerians.

Peter Gregory Obi is an Anambra and not a Nigerian politician; and Ndigbo cannot afford, in all its wisdom, pick up an indigenous politician to represent it on the national stage. Fact.

Abubakar Atiku in 2019 studied the political history of the country and that of the various regions in the country and was apt about picking up a second fiddle from the southeast to enable him win the votes from that region, which of course did not turn out well for him and the second fiddle he chose.

The reasons were because the second fiddle could not get him the votes and the deciders would have to decide the end result.

The professor agreed and Ndigbo-Ohaneze should be agreeing too, that, in Nigerian politics, there are the deciders; they are the power brokers and distributors while the rest of the clan must cast their votes in expectations.

The conversation then was that why did not Atiku pick up the like of Senator Orji Uzor Kalu?

These are two national political giants and Atiku was robust enough in his thinking and calculations that he would have to pick a political lilliputian for the complement, and, Peter Gregory Obi readily fitted into that purpose and pursuit which eventually came to naught. The deciders.

Ndigbo-Ohanaeze cannot afford to feed in the like of another Jonathan, who was, in his presidential glory, neither a friend of his birth place nor did he know how to cohese Nigeria to the chagrin of the north until his presence became absolute irritations.

If the Ikemba was to be alive… Ndigbo-Ohanaeze must make the right choice; needles to start stating the achievements of Senator Orji Uzor Kalu that shall benefit his people and all Nigerians: Orji Uzor Kalu is a lover of the people, the people and not my people where his people is a cardinal part of the people and country.

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