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Ndigbo: The rejected must not reject himself / herself


There can be no compromise!

There can be no apologies!

Lies will not suffice!

The debt can never be repaid!

The world must not be allowed to forget!

The guilt of the world will remain from now till eternity.

For forty years Ndi Igbo waited patiently for ‘one Nigeria’ to take root.

Our sons and daughters roamed the length and breadth of this cursed nation preaching ‘One Nigeria’. 

Even one of our favorite sons, the honorable Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, a foremost pan African, a mental giant, who believed in ‘One Nigeria’ and practiced what he believed in, gave the Northern leaders everything they asked for and even more, yet that great sacrifice did not satisfy this Northern mafia. 

They were interested in only one thing – the total domination of Nigeria. 

Neither was the other major nation any help, the Yoruba leaders could not overcome their hatred for Ndi Igbo. 

To them Ndi Igbo had to be subjugated by all means. 

It did not matter that in the process they might destroy their nation, nor did they learn from their past history as regards their near total conquest by the Hausa-Fulani. 

To them, that was past history, they could manipulate the Hausa-Fulani to achieve whatever their goal was. As usual were they wrong!

The 1966 pogrom occurred, Ndi Igbo lost between 50,000 and a million innocent children, women and men in that brutal inhumane massacre in all hamlets, villages, towns and cities in Northern Nigeria, yet the world said nothing. 

There was a conspiracy of silence by the world and western nations in particular. A genocidal war was waged against Biafra. 

The brutality of which has never been seen. 

A war in which Nigeria observed no rules. 

A war in which everything and everyone was fair game. 

A war that was designed to wipe Ndi Igbo off the face of the Earth. 

Hospitals were bombed, markets were bombed, churches were bombed, schools were bombed, name it, all civilian locations were bombed. 

Oh yes, it was reported in the press of the major western nations, yet these western countries who now jump to the aid of other oppressed nations refused to come to the aid of a defenseless people, a people who just wanted to be left alone to heal their wounds.

So to the western world we, Ndi Igbo ask, why the double standard?

To Russia, we ask why did you join these vandals in trying to exterminate a peace loving people?

To Britain we ask, what is it about Ndi Igbo that scares you so much?

Why have you for the past 300 years or more been on a crusade to exterminate Ndi Igbo?

The world may not lift a finger in defense of God’s people, but our God “Ama Ama Amasi Amasi (The Unfathomable and Unknowable One)” sees all and knows all.

Oh yes, the Arab nations joined the massacre, after all was it not infidels, their lives was worth nothing. Death by starvation and death by poisoning was okay. 

Yet the world said nothing.

By the end of the war, Biafra had lost more than 3 million innocent civilians, Yes, THREE MILLION.

And to think that there are people who cannot not understand why we have gone crazy with anger, pain and disbelief.

For thirty years we waited patiently for an unfeeling world to address this great injustice. For thirty years we prayed that the world might listen to our cry. 

What did we get in return? Yes, Nigeria turned the screw even more. 

A marginalization policy was put in place against Ndigbo that was supposed to finish what the war could not finish. For more than 30 years now that inhumane policy has continued. 

Onye ajuru aju adighi aju onwe ya (The rejected must not reject himself/herself).

Yes, we have finally had enough.

Yes, to hell with Nigeria and to hell with ‘One Nigeria’.

The time has come for the country to be peacefully dissolved.

Our innocent dead now demand the dissolution of Nigeria.

Our starving populace now demand the dissolution of Nigeria.

The monster Nigeria is an abomination and a mistake that should never have happened.

The abomination Nigeria is an insult to the BLACK RACE.

The time has come for every ethnic group to decide whether it wants to be part of this abomination.

No world power or world powers can save this dead entity Nigeria.

Our God “Ama Ama Amasi Amasi” has ordered the dissolution of this abomination. 

We the survivors of that pogrom and genocidal war will not rest until we achieve justice for our innocent dead.

We will not rest until all war criminals are brought to justice.

We will not rest until those who planned that senseless pogrom are brought to justice.

No matter how long the world closes its ears, we will continue to state our case.

We will continue to demand the peaceful dissolution of that monster.

This is the right thing to do. 

The world has no choice but do the right thing.

If the world is ready to address Kosovo, it has no choice but address this great injustice against a peace loving people.

Nigeria is a cursed nation. 

It must vanish from the face of the earth.

The time to address this great injustice is now.

There can be no compromise.  

Prayers will not save this dead entity; our innocent dead will make sure that these prayers get nowhere.

It is written, so it shall be – ISEEEE.


Nnaemeka Onumonu-Uzoaru

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