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Neco Examination Board: calling the attention of ICPC & EFCC

By: Kassim Abubakar Gamawa

Open letter to the NECO examination board, ICPC & EFCC your attention is needed

My attention has been drawn to the postponement of the 2019 June/July NECO (Economics) examination which based on the initial timetable suppose to hold on Thursday, 27th June but suddenly postponed until further notice.

Well, according to my investigations, I came to realise that, the main reason behind the postponement is because the said Economics paper was leaked two days prior to the actual time of taking the examination.

However, the questions that begin dancing on my head are, why this decision now and why the decision affects this paper only considering the fact that almost all the papers are being leaking, circulating and widely proliferating every day on the internet. So, now I think pretending ignorance on such kind of malpractices is a highest form of hypocrisy and deception because the examination Board and it’s staff are already well-known for the corruption and greediness.

I am therefore calling the attention of the relevant authorities especially the likes of ICPC and EFCC to come into the matter and do the rightful thing by making sure they halt this nasty business. Because the situation is everyday getting worse and becomes a damning issue which if care is not taking will seriously affect the development and future of the country.

Yours in Nation Building,

(Sardaunan Gamji & A Concerned Citizen).
Writes from Federal University Dutse, Jigawa State, Nigeria. 07068854446

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