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Negotiating with bandits: the dangerous implications

By Nnaemeka Alumona


Let me introduce the people in the above photo.

1. The one in the middle carrying an AK-47 rifle is nicknamed Bandit. His occupation is to kill, kidnap, rape and maim people.

2. The one to the right of the bandit is a state governor. He is the governor of the state which the bandit and his men are terrorizing her citizens. He is the governor of the state where the bandit and his men have killed many, kidnapped many, raped many (all these are criminal acts punishable under the law).

3. The one on military uniform is an officer of the army of the country where the bandit operates. The duties of the army officer includes protecting the territorial integrity of the country, protecting the citizens of his country form the bandit and making sure that people that perpetrate such acts as this bandit does are apprehended.

Let me forget about those behind for now.


The governor, who is supposedly the CSO of his state and has the responsibility of saving his people from the bandit, went to beg the bandit to stop killing his people and possibly to negotiate for a settlement to appease the bandit.

The army officer perhaps went for the same purpose and to show that he is harmless, he has to go without a gun.

The bandit, perhaps to show that he is serious, brandishes the weapon of his banditry in a country where it is a criminal offence for anyone apart from the armed forces to carry a gun.


1. The governor knows who is killing his people and even where they are staying.

2. The governor know why they are killing his people and therefore cannot get them arrested but is ready to strike a deal.

3. The army officer cannot arrest the bandit because he is a “holy bandit”.

4. The bandit, by virtue of his status is not bound by the law restricting non-officers of the armed forces from carrying arms.

5. The governor represents the government while the army officer represents the security outfit. This shows that the government and security outfit CANNOT do anything to the bandit except TO BEG.

6. If this is so, the bandit can decide not to agree to settlement. Then, the citizens will have no hope.

7. The citizens cannot therefore hope on the government or security outfits to save them from the bandit.

(C) Nnaemeka Alumona
August 31, 2019

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