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Netanyahu pledges support for Israeli security forces as dozens of Hamas are rooted out in Gaza Strip

By Kalu Nwokoro Idika

As Israeli fighter jets have continue to attack high-rise buildings and other targets in the Gaza Strip, Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu has reassured the security forces that they have the back up of his government.

At least six Israelis and one Indian national have been reportedly killed since the military confrontation started between the two countries while over 103 Palestinians have also died from series of attacks launched by Israeli security forces in Gaza.

The Israeli army said hundreds of rockets have been fired from Gaza towards various locations in Israel and they have added reinforcements near the enclave’s eastern lands.

However, Netanyahu while addressing security forces in Lod, a city which is 15 km southeast of Tel Aviv in the Central District of Israel during evaluation of security situation in the area said the goal of the military onslaught is to bring result quickly.

He said his government must restore peace and security to the citizens of Israel and it begins and ends with supporting the soldiers and full support will be given to them.

The charismatic Israeli Prime Minister further noted that the military has the backup of his government and they should carry on without fear.

He said, “Assessment of the situation in Lod -our goal is to bring results quickly. We must restore peace and security to the citizens of israel and this thing begins and ends with backing for our soldiers and soldiers, and they will get full backup.

“I said and I repeat to the security forces: You have our backup, don’t be afraid, act!

“We will recruit more forces, including IDF soldiers, use more measures and arrests. We will use goddesses, rogers, ziot – everything – to restore peace and order to all cities of israel”

There have been more violent confrontations between Jewish Israelis and Palestinian citizens of Israel in several cities inside Israel since the political tension started between the two rival neighbors.

World leaders have called for de-escalation of the present political tension but Hamas, a terror network in Gaza which have launched multiple rockets into Israel seems to be recalcitrant to the call. Although, Israeli government has vowed to root them out at all cost.

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