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New Biafra Group Claim Responsibility For Happenings In Imo, S’East

By Centus Nweze

A major seismic divide appears imminent in the IPOB/ESN after a new group, Biafra Revolutionary Force, BRF, emerge to claim responsibility for developments in Imo and other South East states going through unprecedented state security siege.

According to the group, it has been on ground 10 years ago and largely responsible for seperatist activities being credited to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, MNK.

There has been strong speculations in the local intelligence community that IPOB/ESN may just be mish-mash of groups with varying agenda and answering to different paymasters.

For instance, a former governor of Imo State is said to be in control of a wing of IPOB/ESN through a British expatriate whom he brought into the state to run a tourism based school.

The expertriate has been a guest of the Department State Services, DSS, a number of times in the past.

The new group’s claim may give fillip to the speculations that IPOB now serves various agendas.

But BRF insists that it’s the original and authentic Biafran agitating group.

It also accused the federal government of placing gag order on media to stop them from mentioning BRF because it knows MNK isn’t on ground very much.

A search on its website has its mission statement read as follows:

‘Biafra Revolutionary Forces (BRF) exists to provide and promote democracy and justice for all citizens of Biafra and the world. BRF seeks to secure freedom, justice, and prosperity for all citizens of Biafra by developing and maintaining safe borders, security, human rights, and rule of law.
‘We promote peace through dialogue with the focus of maintaining a sovereign nation and clean earth’

One of its operative reaching out to ElombahNews said that it chose not to engage in visibility tussle with IPOB so that the purpose of its fight is not defeated.
“We have discussed it and our men on the ground said we should continue to do what we are doing because the Igbos nowadays do not reason like the Igbos in the olden days.

“They are driven with emotional sentiment, they embrace lies and deception from Nnamdi Kanu instead the reality on the ground.

“Our people love lies and deception.

“If you tell them the truth they will ignore you and go there because they are lairs. But the international community and government of both here and there knows that we are the real deal,” the BRF operative told the online newspaper.

The source also averred that BRF wants to avoid the impression that the Biafran agitators are divided.

“We tried to avoid other people from saying “oh Igbos are always fighting themselves, they are not united and on the other side we are branded “unknown gunmen.”

The operative also vowed to continue their campaign until their demands are met.
The source further added that the group’s spokesperson, Michelle Fishman, will be speaking to the medium, soon.

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