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New crop of Unknown Gunmen terrorising my village in Imo, man cries out


A man, who spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of victimisation, has raised alarm over a new set of Unknown Gunmen terrorising his village—Ezioha Okporo in Orlu Local Government Area of Imo State.

The writer lamented how miscreants armed with AK-47s are dispensing terror in the village, forcing residents to flee for their lives.

In the memo obtained by ElombahNews, he wrote:

“A cult is now terrorising a village in Imo

Ezioha Okporo is under a siege.

An off shoot of the unknown gunmen.

Idle UGM, now mutating?

Last nite, they destroyed all the solar street lights in the village.

The solar lights were installed by an industrious son of the village. I counted over 40.

I shed tears. Miscreants armed with AK47, dispensing terror in the village.

They visited a family planning a burial and demanded 500k to allow the burial proceed

They have destroyed people’s houses; this group has decapitated some people in the village.

When they kill they place the heads at the market square.

They have sent extortion notices to some illustrious sons of the village.

Everybody is now on the run.

Ezioha Okporo in Orlu LGA, where evil prowls in broad daylight

It’s a doomsday scenario. Men are evacuating their aged parents.”

Continuing further, he said:

“It was not difficult to predict that further, more radical and more brutal copies of violence against our folk will mutate.

The sanctity of Igbo kinsmanship was crushed over-night by victimisation, name-calling, hit-jobbing.

Look out for more warlords, when they will compete on parameter of brutality.

It is easy to set up a wild fire, my brother, but very difficult to quench. Giving banana to a monkey is easy, but retrieving it is very difficult.

Imagine how many uncontrolled arms that were handed over to individuals, who are neither trained nor qualified to handle it.

It was called self-defence. Now, we have to defend ourselves against ourselves, right?

“That is why you must not turn blind eyes to a goat eating your neighbour’s yam, because when it finishes with your neighbour and become hungry, it would turn to yours.

A Stich in time saves nine!” he concluded.

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