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New IGP: Chidoka raises alarm again on Constitutional aberration


…blames disrespect for service rules and Constitution

The former Minister of Aviation, Chief Osita Chidoka has cried out again over the continued desecration of the nation’s Constitution, Public Service Rules and the Federal Character policy by the President Muhammadu Buhari-led Federal Government.

In the views of the former Aviation minister, it’s almost a policy under the incumbent administration to hold the constitution in aberration.

Consequently, Chidoka stated, “I will keep shouting myself hoarse about the negation of Federal Character principle and the blatant disregard of our nation-building ethos by this government. It is wrong and portends great danger to nationhood in a multi-ethnic society.

“However, I am also wondering what has happened to us as individuals and our sense of duty and loyalty to the nation and constitution. Why will Gen. Buratai and IGP Adamu, two gentlemen who grew up in service of fatherland agree to be used to violate laws and convention?”

He wondered, “Why can’t a chief law enforcement officer say “Mr. President my time is up, I have capable officers to continue where I stopped. I can’t stay a day longer than legally required in office?” The inability to take the high moral ground, to resist illegality and to stand with the law appears to have faded from the public service.

“What is wrong with the Nigerian project that nobody thinks beyond self in service of the nation.? Both officers, illegally extended, were removed from office without notice, almost ignominiously. This government has shown little or no respect for public servants yet the public service continue to aid its disrespect for public service rules and conventions.

“The IGP’s removal while on a tour is a sad and ignoble end to successful career. Yet it was avoidable, if he had said no to an illegal extension. What is two months extra compared to a 35 years career?

“The culture of impunity has seeped into the public service and entrenched by this government. The consequences, like a tornado, will hit us sooner than later”, the Anambra born ex-Minister noted.

He expressed concern that perhaps due to the disdain to which it seem his observation and similar such issues raised by others in the past were taken should not deter anyone as the records will absolve such persons of unholy acquiescence.

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