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NGO – Forum for Child Rights Protection – rises for children


Nigerian children

Forum for Child Rights Protection, Abuja, Nigeria, is a registered non-governmental and charitable organisation at the forefront of waging of relentless and law driven advocacy activities directed towards the promotion and protection of the fundamental human rights of the Nigerian Children.

This civil society organisation was set up about two years ago by a very passionate human rights activist Ms Stacey UKAOBASI a graduate of Business Administration of the prestigious Institute of Management and Technology Enugu State. 

The Board of Trustees is made up of some outstanding and firebrand Human Rights and high network individuals with considerable passion for the welfare of the Nigerian Children.

This lady Miss Stacey Ukaobasi at different public advocacy events for the underprivileged Children in Abuja and parts of the South East in the last two years has had to stress the imperative of mainstreaming the respect for child rights in the law making processes at both the national and subnational levels. 

For her the Child Rights Act of 2003 must be made stronger and consolidated so all the 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory would necessarily enforce the provisions in the strictest ways possible because of the phenomenal rise in cases of sexual violations of the Nigerian Children by depraved adults. 

Her worry stems from the fact that some States even in the South East such as Enugu State are yet to pass the state version of the Child Rights Act. 

She is also worried about reported cases of classification of children and dumping of these children on the streets of Akwa Ibom State based on some weird religious sentiments and prejudices spread by illiterate and self-acclaimed prophets who hoodwinked poor parents with little or no educational background to buy into this archaic idea of throwing away their previous children because they erroneously believe these children to be child witches. 

The cases of babies’ factories springing up all over Nigeria are worrisome and the evil practices of child trafficking are annoying to her and her organisation. 

She has resolved to partner with such bodies like NAPTIP the agency set up to fight the menace of human trafficking so a more effective war against child trafficking can be institutionalised and vigorously pursued. 

She thinks the National Agency against Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP) needs to partner with credible groups like the Forum for Child Rights Promotion to enlighten more Nigerians about the social evil of child trafficking. 

She however commended NAPTIP for achieving modest results but urged the agency to open up and work with good non-governmental platforms to take the gospel of a child trafficking free Nigeria to all homes. 

Her organisation has a media formula and strategy to start a campaign on this line of enlightenment but support is needed from the United Nations Child Education Fund (UNICEF) and some foreign development partners operating in Nigeria with the thematic focus towards child rights promotion and protection. 

Already the group has set up a media think- tank that came up with these unassailable media formula for Child Rights promotion and protection. 

Asked if she’s open to accept funding support from private enterprises and multinationals willing to donate as part of their corporate social responsibility she responded in the affirmative and stated that whatever contributions that would pragmatically make the Nigerian Children to be at par with their peers in the developed Western Societies are welcomed. 

Her words: 

“We are the Forum For the Promotion of Child Rights are set out to ensure that we carry out vigorous advocacy campaigns all across Nigeria using the existing national legislation on Child Rights known as the Nigerian Child Rights Act of 2003 as our template. 

“It is our wish and aspirations that State Houses of Assembly adopts and domesticate the Child Rights Act and for all relevant law enforcement authorities including the offices of public defenders, the offices of public prosecution and the Nigeria Police Force are properly compelled to set up teams of skilled and competent professional also to confront this the rising cases of sexual violations and molestation of the Nigerian Children. 

“We will wage a national campaign for the offence of rape of Children by adults to be made a grave offence that goes with life jail and the castration of offenders. 

“We are writing a letter to demand for the establishment of a national crime register and data bank by 

– the National Identity Management Agency, 

– the office of the Federal Attorney General,

– the offices of Attorneys General of States and,

– the FCT to open an e-copy of SEXUAL OFFENDERS REGISTRATION.

“So all convicted rapists are carried and both their photos and finger prints are circulated so law enforcement authorities can keep them away from accessing premises whereby vulnerable children live. 

“Next week at the National Human Rights lecture of the Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria (HURIWA) we will distribute our fliers calling on the Wives of governors and President to become the…

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