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Nigeria: A call for restructuring, referendum – APGA

President Muhammadu Buhari in response to the Al-Jazeera interviewer earlier this year in Qatar, regarding the protests in the Eastern part of Nigeria, replied thus:

“We have Multi-party democracy now. Let them organize themselves and vote for (to have a) state within a state. 

“But to try and interfere with movement of troops, with economy, looking for Biafra, after losing 2 million people, I think they are joking with Nigerian security, and Nigeria will not tolerate it.” 

A Briton reacting to the successful British referendum to leave the European Union said below:

“The will of the British people is an instruction that must be delivered”. 

So is the will of the Nigerian people.

At the APGA THINK-TANK, NIGERIA, we call for a Referendum, restructuring of the Federal republic, Now. 

We urge President Muhammadu Buhari to put his words as above into action.

The British – The President’s benefactors held a referendum on the 23rd of June, 2016 to exit the European Union – A Union of independent political states formed in 1993, looking to achieve a closer independent and economic political integration in Europe. 

The citizens of Britain simply felt that the European Union did not represent their ethos. 

British citizens in Britain, felt outnumbered by new immigrants from arriving from other parts of Europe looking for economic opportunities in Britain, secondary to a the British membership of the European Union which guaranteed free movement of the Europeans across the Union.



Frederick Forsythe in an interview on June 23rd summed up the resolution as below;

“We are sick and tired of the arrogance. We want our freedom, sovereignty back”.

Wow! Brits sick and tired of arrogance from other people. That will be the day.

Fast-forward Nigeria. 

Britain is the primary political and economic influence on Nigeria – a combination of disparate ethnic groups formerly made up then of 4 independent regions –  Eastern Nigeria, Western Nigeria, Mid-West Nigeria and Northern Nigeria.

When one of the regions – The East, made to leave the Nigerian Union in 1967, secondary to the issues regarding the individual safety of its citizens across the Nigerian Geographical area, the British supplied war arms and enforced embargo on eastern Nigeria. General Gowon called it a “Police action.” 

The combination of the British armada and the Gowon’s ‘police action’, killed 3 million peoples – primarily The Igbos of Eastern Nigeria. 

The British felt no guilt and shame. They did not apologize, either.

Today, The British feel no guilt and shame either leaving the European Union. They are proud they bowed to democracy. 

People rule. The same hue and cry they refused to acknowledge for the peoples of then Eastern Nigeria. 

Then former Governor-General of the Eastern region of Nigeria – Dr Akanu Ibiam, saw the Hypocrisy and offered the Knight of the British Empire (KBE) back to the Queen of England. 

He simply could not understand an administration which failed to honor that which it taught.

It’s all about Britain. A self-absorbed Britain. Very emotional. They feel hurt, and are not immune from showing their base emotion.

If they can look beyond their selfishness, They’ll understand others want a right to self determination, too. 

Britain will eventually leave the EU. The documents are already being drawn up in Brussels. There will be no retribution, or siege on Britain for leaving the European Union. 

As the Neo-colonial power they are, they should assist others the right to do same. 

If this is all about economics and xenophobia, other sieged cultures with far better rationale deserve a right to a referendum, without fear and retribution. 

Nigeria beckons.

All it takes is a nod in the right direction, and characterization in positive, not negative terms. 

Nigeria is overdue for re-structuring, referendum.

Shell BP can always keep their concessions. They should simply help in developing the land and its peoples. 

As President Buhari said earlier, “We have Multi-party democracy now. Let them organize themselves and vote for (to have a) state within a state.”

The President should allow the Nigeria referendum to happen.

 In the above words of the Briton above – paraphrased

“The will of the Nigerian people is an Instruction that must be delivered”

Now or later. 


Policy Directorate,



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