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Nigeria and the neo Biafran quest, the possible cause


The Biafran resurgence appears to be a ghost that has refused to quit the Nigeria milieu. 

Why is this so? Why has the ghost of Biafra continued to haunt Nigeria several years after the civil war? There are divergent opinion and postulations on the possible reasons.

The author

This author has taken pains to analyse the historical dialectics of cases in similitude to the Biafrans conundrum in other parts of the world. 

He has studied the cases of former Soviet Union, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, East Timor, South Sudan, Eritrea, Canada, Spain and even Britain. 

Though not an expert in international law and relations, this author has also taken pains to study and ponder the position of international law on the issue of self-determination. 

Why is it that a people amalgamated one hundred and something years ago (though tongue and tribes differ) still nurse centrifugal disposition. 

What factors can make a heterogeneous polity like ours to knit towards common ideals despite the heterogeneity. Why does it appear that we learn t nothing from the brutal war of the middle 60s?

The truth is that the Nigerian society exhibits tendencies and traits that encourage dissonance, dissidence and dissent. 

The seeming and perennial injustice, treacherous leadership, insincerity from high places, inhumanity and blatant impunity evokes centrifugal tendencies and rebellion in the polity.

Even before the Biafran war of the 60s, there were rebellion in Tiv land, Yoruba and Niger Delta region. Even the Talakawas of the Arewa region also rebelled against the tyranny of the feudalists of the North.

The injustice and impunity which was inherited from the pre-colonial feudalistic tendencies of the North and the insensitivity prone tendencies of several Southern societies endured in the post-colonial era. 

The British despite its exploitative posture in the colonial times still managed to tame those pre-colonial atavistic tendencies until it (Britain) receded from Nigeria at Independence

After independence, the good, bad and ugly tendencies of the diverse people of Nigeria manifested again and were unable to be managed until the outbreak of the Biafran war.

But Nigeria is not the only diverse and heterogeneous nation in the world. Many of such nations despite their diversity have made their polity the citadel of peace and prosperity.  

Why is our own different? 

Why do our rulers relish impunity and corruption? 

Why do they pitch one group against another? 

Why do they create conditions that lead to insurrection?

As long as the Nigerian society is unfair and unjust to her citizens and as long as the ruling class is selfish, corrupt and dishonest, so long will centrifugal forces continue to rear their heads in our polity

To be continued…

Chuks Ibegbu, a public affairs analyst and international journalist

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