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Blood flows as Nigeria army massacre Zakhzaky followers in Abuja today

Blood flows as Zakzaki boys hit Zuba. Fighting between soldiers and peaceful shiite Muslim protesters.

How can an army kill her citizens with live bullets ! This is why we are Africans!
I will never support the idea that live bullets were used on the protesters…. What manner of provocation will make them shoot unarmed citizens?Nigeria still has a long long way to go!
These soldiers don’t live for any other thing than to pull triggers….They are “starved” from the activities they are trained for, the minutest form of provocation will always resort to what was witnessed in that video.
Soldiers shooting and killing unarmed protesters is a crime against humanity.
— Human rights Lawyer

Nigerian Army Seeks To Justify The Savagery Meted Out Yesterday With A Malevolent Storyline


Our attention has been drawn to a false, unsubstantiated and mischievous press statement by the Nigerian army, signed by one Major General JAMES MYAM, the Commander Army Headquarters Garrison to justify the bestiality they meted the innocent, unarmed members of the Islamic Movement yesterday, while carrying out their solemn religious duty of Arbaeen mourning procession at Zuba.

We categorically refute the storyline of the Nigerian Army that they shot at the peaceful procession, which had peacefully moved over for ten kilometers before the unprovoked attacks, because the mourners established an illegal roadblock denying motorists free passage, used various objects to barricade the road and also pelted the troops with stones and other dangerous items or that they smashed both military and civilian vehicles’ windscreens and windows and also attempted to overrun the escorts to cart away the ammunition and missiles the troops were escorting.

Below are lifeless bodies of Shiites protesters, killed by Nigerian army in Abuja today. This is ugly, this is sad. Shiites are human beings and citizens of this country. This continues killings must stop. Dialogue is the answer

These age long worn-out malevolent storylines are no longer being believed by members of the public because over time, the Islamic Movement has convincingly demonstrated its peaceful disposition while conducting its religious obligations, even in the face of extreme official persecution. It is not their nature to attack security agents, government properties or fellow citizens during their protests. The Nigerian Army should please find other storylines, but certainly not these.

What was witnessed yesterday was done in broad daylight and in full glare of the public. Video clips of both the procession prior to the unprovoked, brutal attacks and of the fierce attacks by soldiers at unarmed people scrambling for cover while the soldiers take deliberate steps to seek them and shoot them dead are all in the public domain. Therefore, the government and its Army cannot confuse members of the public by going further with their plans of campaign of calumny and false propaganda with a view to malign the Movement and its leadership. The public is led to believe that the government and its Army are resorting to these vicious campaigns in desperation. Yet, they would never wish away or bury their crimes against humanity.





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