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Nigeria At The Edge: The Game For Agents Of War And Profiteers Of Arms Sales – By David Eboh


The wild cats are at the game of nature waiting for their time to kill and eat. The eagles also hovering the sky in readiness for their own prey to devour, while the vultures wait patiently for the carcases. The dead don’t lay claim to right,dignity or property. Nigeria sits at the edge and may explode; it has been a time bomb created in 1914 by the British for the convenience of the Crown to rule.

The foundation of the castle was laid on sandy soil and made up of tons of ethnic, religious and socio-cultural materials and beliefs. There is no emotional attachment to Nigeria. Individual’s orientation is to their ethnic nationality; and being a Yoruba, Edo, Igbo, Hausa, Fulani, Ijaw, Idoma, Calabari, Tiv, etcis first and a deeply rooted ideology.

Imperialist brutish style of governance in the 19th century is the current choice of control and oppression of the defenceless population in this 21st century as manifests in the use of horse-whips and cane-sticks by the police, soldiers, custom officers, school teachers, street touts, etc.Mobs act as the security agents, the prosecutors and the judge. Suspects of crime ‘real or framed’ are leached and many set ablaze without any repercussions from a constituted government. The guilty are set free and innocent sent to jail. Politicians do no wrong, and ex-dictators continue to head national institutions that are chronically unproductive. 

With the lawlessness in the system, as often displayed by law makers in sessions, as well as the disobedience of court orders by the political class, the ordinary people are denied their rights to justice, self-defence or life opportunities. In the absence of a government for all, everyone becomes a government for themselves; providing for their families what a representative government should have delivered for the benefit of the general society. Since independence in 1960, so much wealth had been squandered, yet people continue to rely on generators for electricity. There is no tangible industrial development and no pipe-borne water supply. Unemployment is high, the people are moving overseas for greener pastures. The roads are washed off by erosion and no effective public transport system.  Education is severely compromised, paving the way for privatisation and ownership by Pastors and Imams. The public schools are left to depreciate, such that cows have access to classrooms.  The public healthcare system is not trusted and the hospital management structure is dysfunctional, hence the Nigerian political leaders prefer medical tourism abroad despite the campaign rhetoric.

Those that are ruling, looting and ruining Nigeria are expanding their empires. With so much power, they are happy and willing to forcefully retain the status-quo of a nation with severe growth retardation. What they cannot achieve by political manipulation, they try to acquire by forceful means through coups and counter coups, civil unrest and language of incitement.They create an environment of fear and insecurity and entrench regionalism and religious bigotry in the polity. They plant, fertilise and water the seed of corruption, and ensure that the law exists only for the poor and the defenceless. The machinery of the government under their control, lay in, waiting for any one that dares to demand for a right to decision making for the business direction and working of the country – ‘Nigeria’. Tribal and regional domination is covertly instituted in the minds of some with a distorted ideology about nation building and national integrity. There is a wrong believe that political and military power in Nigeria must be retained for sectional prosperity against national developmental progress.  

Where is the Nigeria for all? There is a call to build a country where no one can wilfully and recklessly alienate the right of another on the basis of ethnic origin, religion or genetic background to the privileges and opportunities the country provides. The determination of the future of Nigeria must be by consensus of everyone, including a decision to belong to any international organisation. This is the reason there is a word called ‘Referendum’.

A child born in London is a Londoner, another born in Paris engraves his identity to Paris and the one born in New York is a New Yorker.  In Nigeria, children are denied the right to take the identity of where they were born. They are forced to retain the identity of their parents’ village and local government, even though they have never been to the place or have any emotional attachment to that place.

Military dictators and clueless politicians that ruled and still ruining Nigeria,are unwilling to provide a remedy for this distorted ideological nonsense that has prevented people of their emotional citizenship of Nigeria, and psychological attachment to one united country.It is not the Igbo born or living in the North that is agitating for Biafra and not the Hausa or Fulani in the East that is giving a quit notice to a ‘supposedly’ fellow Nigerians in the North. The denial of people’s emotional attachment and identity to their birth place or a place they call home is the root of the devil plaguing the unity of Nigeria and the existence as a country. The constitution of Nigeria was not produced with one Nigeria in mind as it lacks the credibility of treating all regions and all the people fairly and equitably. The centralization of authority and control of national resources and development projects is overtly unbalanced and has been responsible for failure for states and regions to maximise their industrial development and economic investment potentials. 

Even if Biafra were to go, the person born, lives and built his home in the North should have the choice to go back to Biafra or regularise their status in order to remain where they have made a home. The same applies to Arewa Islamic Republic and the Hausa/Fulanis in the other side of the equation should the breakup of Nigeria become real. This is the shape of the discussion with the European Union and Brexit.The terms North and East are used loosely as not everyone that live within these boundaries share the same values or buy into similar ideology.

At a time of serious threat of external aggression and the lure of arm dealers to expand the horizon of their businesses, the demonic blood loving vampires in the disjointed Nigeria with disjointed orientations are creating opportunities for the capitalist arm dealers to thrive.When the dice is cast, every part of the country will be a testing ground for American, Russian, British and French new technology weapons of war fares.  On the other hand, the sponsors of terrorism will push their limits and those with Islamisation agenda will go on the rampage. It will receive a bloody response and the hawks whoushered in the destroyers will take shelter in Saudi Arabia, Britain or America, while refugees overflow.

Nigeria is better as one country, but its restructuring is now a necessity. Everyone should work to commence the discussion about its redesign and new construction on a rock-solid foundation. The failure to take this option or do nothing will be tantamount to bringing the potentially great nation to an inevitable end. If not now, but sometime, because where there is injustice, there can never be unity and peace.

David Eboh, BA (Hons), RN, LLB, PGDipHE, MBA, Health Management Consultant, Political commentator , and Motivational Speaker, Dispute Resolution Expert

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