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Nigeria Don Hook? ~ By Charly Boy


For 40+ years… I have been tearing my heart out for the Underdogs, the poor, less privileged and the Nigerian youths, nudging them to stick to their dreams and to never let anyone kill it for them. I am glad that my consistency and tenacity has encouraged millions of youths to chase their dream and never give up on themselves.

Though, coming from an elite background, I deliberately know what it means to be poor so that is why I’m passionate about the poor. Because of my pedigree and my rich heritage, people always wonder why I’m interested in the poor, needy, disenfranchised and downtrodden?

But, the answer is quite simple. I’ve been poor at a point in my life, like Jesus Christ who became man to understand what it means to be a man. I tasted poverty when as a young man, I deliberately decided to chart my own path against my parent’s approval.

I hit brick walls, starting from ground zero. From America to the village… all just to prove to my parents that I can survive and succeed without their endorsement or support.

7 years in the village I almost went mental till an angel, Late Tyna Onwidiwe rescued me. God bless her soul.

Today, I feel differently about holding on to the slogan of “ONE NIGERIA”.

Sometimes I feel am knocking my head against the wall. Why are my people so arrogantly ignorant? Why e dey be me like say their Mumu na follow come? I am getting tired of holding on to this “One Nigeria Dream.

Many Youths today don’t even believe in the future of this shit-hole country. Many have given up, those who have the opportunity are leaving this Hell in their thousands.

In Nigeria, being good or doing a good deed is anti-social. Many of us are like “Crabs In The Bucket” pulling good things down because many now believe everything and everybody is bad – and so, must be brought down by all means.

In fact everyone’s a criminal. But as true as it may seem, I still believe that there are a few very good and honest Nigerians.

I know there are good and bad people everywhere, but the bad people, riffraffs, people-from-the-gutter, bnorn-troways, stray cats, idiots and betrayers have taken over our space. The few good men have gone into hiding.

In Nigeria, most Yorubas are here and nowhere – they’re very slippery.

Many Hausas think they are born-to-rule even with all their incompetence as displayed by the cluelessness of the Now.

Most Igbos who pride themselves in turning everything into a transaction are busy fixing other peoples’s environments, neglecting their own homeland – the core of their existence.

Let’s be sincere, this contraption called Nigeria is not working because the rulers have succeeded in fragmenting us.

The impression is that the….
Yorubas —— deceitful
Hausas —— domination
Igbos ——— canny
Minority tribes — marginalized

But among all the tribes, the Igbos have carried this imaginary united One Nigeria thing on their heads the most.

Today, if we can tell ourselves the truth, we must all agree that the only way to move Nigeria forward together is restructuring. Every region should fend for themselves and pay taxes to the Center.

Therefore, I have resolved to advising everybody to go back to their region, and let’s start building from inside out.

I, am going home to the south east to tear my heart out and work tirelessly to help build a home I can be proud of and let any one come and tell me that they want to Rugalize my region.

God will punish them!

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