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Nigeria in Desperate Need for Circuit Breaker

By Chris Aniedobe

I just flew back to the United States after a five week sojourn in Nigeria to go and bury my Dad. It was a whirlwind of activities and I thank those of you who sacrificed time and efforts to support me.

I couldn’t get much done in the political circles because I was crushed literally and figuratvely by the needs of abjectly poor, infirm and needy people around me. I had not anticipated the degree of hardship I ran smack into. That your average Nigerian is overwhelmed with existential needs is an understatement.

And spiritual needs as well although one may argue that waiting for God to rescue them from unremitting toil exacerbated by bad leadership at every level has become a veritable existential imperative. Rank Nigerians are now living on divine hope as the prime dividend of their unabashed religiosity.

Buhari has again managed to unleash the hardships of his 1983 to 1985 regime and poor Nigerians are being lashed out of their senses and need nothing short of spiritual intervention at this point. Scorched earth hunger of the sort one feels after many years of drought is what I felt all around me. This cannot continue.

My assessment is that it would take nothin short of spiritual intervention for Nigerians to be spared from the back breaking toils of this Buhari regime because Atiku does not appear to have what it takes to bring about regime change absent divine assist.

If Atiku were serious, he should realize that nothing short of political knock out will pull off victory for him. He cannot outpoint Buhari who has deftly padded the system with an insurmountable head start. It is either a TKO or Buhari and his cabal retain power for four more years.

Atiku’s lacklustre campaign has chilled enthusiasm across Igbo land and has created a fair weather ambience of political ambivalence across Nigerians. Igbo political leaders sensing that Atiku’s lacklustre efforts may not get it done are now doing “in the name of the father” at the front and back of their heads for whichever side the Holy Ghost will manifest from.

Indeed, the lack of political leadership in Igboland is galling. Rather than shining the light and boldly leading Ndigbo out of political wilderness, many of them are either dancing azonto or okoso with the political destiny of Ndigbo. As usual, Fr Mbaka has again made the point that Nigerian clergy are cordially invited to the political revelry.

But no matter her spirited gymnastics at the sight of freshly laid feces, the housefly is soon overwhelmed. So what she does is lay eggs unto it hoping that an army of maggots will spring up to finish the rest.

UmuIgbo, there is a generational political battle ahead of us. Hold the PVCs, hold the ak47, and pass the books to Igbo kids and lay those eggs because we will tarry yet awhile in this wilderness. The heap of infrastructural and moral decay at all levels in Nigeria can and will overwhelm any government and I am not saying that Atiku will work miracles. He can only bring reprieve at best. It would take revolutionary changes to fashion a functional society out of the decadence Nigerians are submerged in.

As for the Caliphate and the Northern oligarchs, however the dice rolls in 2019, it would be a good thing and this may account for the political apathy I sensed in my brief visit to the North.

Perhaps, Nigerians need and deserve four more years of Buhari to finish the job he is doing of bringing Nigeria to utter ruination so that many new nations will spring forth from the ashes of old Nigeria.

We have gotten to that point when Nigerians can no longer be kept alive nor free because the pangs of hunger have burned desperation into the psyche of rank Nigerians and most assuredly making Nigeria a well apprehended humanitarian disaster waiting to be unleashed.

Buhari and APC have firmly set Nigerians on the trajectory to utter ruin and any politician who thinks that Nigerians can afford four more years of this horrific regime is a big fool.

The biggest fools of all are to be found in Igbo government houses.

I say this because it doesn’t take clairvoyance to realize that Nigeria needs a circuit breaker or the entire country will go down in ashes. Anyone who is pushing Atiku/Obi as the answer to our economic and political woes is equally naive. I said that every housefly without exception is overwhelmed by a heap of freshly laid feces. While good leadership is important, good citizenship is just as important and the festering culture of corruption at every strata of society in Nigeria presents an insurmountable challenge to leading Nigerians well.

What I am saying, for the avoidance of doubt, is that any one who cares about Nigerians should canvass Atiku/Obi as the circuit breaker Nigerians desperately need at this time to avert the utter ruination that is staring everyone in the face and mocking the unremitting hardships of all rank Nigerians without exceptions.

Happy 2019.


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