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Nigeria is 15th most dangerous country in the world – GPI


Nigeria is 15th most dangerous country in the world - Global Peace Index

According to the 10th annual edition of the Global Peace Index [GPI], Nigeria ranked the fifteenth most dangerous country in the world.

This was disclosed in a report by Business Insider published on June 8 by the global think tank Institute for Economics and Peace.

The report assessed nations across 23 indicators of peace under three categories: the level of safety and security in society, domestic and international conflict, and militarisation.

The level of peace in each country is reflected in a score out of 5; the lower the score, the more peaceful a country is, the report said.

The 15 most dangerous nations in the world are:

1. Syria – 3.806

2. South Sudan – 3.593

3. Iraq – 3.57

4. Afghanistan – 3.538

5. Somalia – 3.414

6. Yemen – 3.399

7. Central African Republic – 3.354

8. Ukraine – 3.287

9. Sudan – 3.269

10. Libya – 3.2

11. Pakistan – 3.145

12. Democratic Republic of Congo – 3.112

13. Russia – 3.079

14. North Korea – 2.944

15. Nigeria – 2.877

The list is dominated by Middle Eastern and African nations. 

A total of six African countries make the list. Apart from Nigeria, the others are South Sudan, Somalia, Sudan, Libya and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Syria was named the most dangerous country in the world, with a peace score of 3.806 out of 5. 

The Middle Eastern country is in the fifth year of its civil war, in which more than 250,000 people have died and an estimated 9 million people have been displaced.

South Sudan is the second-most violent nation, with a score of 3.593, and Iraq ranks as third-worst, with a score of 3.57.

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