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Nigeria needs a new leader – Sheikh Gumi

By Dr. Ahmad Gumi


“Looking at the peculiar nature of the country, the leader that can bring the nation out of the woods is not necessarily the leader that the majority of the electorates may also elect. A country, with more uneducated people than the educated, more poor than the rich, more downtrodden than middle and upper class, more younger population than older, more women than men, more angry people than happy. These great discrepancies will make sentimental factors greater at play. When I say sentimental factors I mean any factor that is not necessary for the effective running of the country as a whole and the management of crisis.

Therefore the burden of getting the right person then lies squarely upon the minority elites which should form the majority of the political parties’ officials and delegates. However when party delegates are also drawn from the same local national pool, personal interest of influential party members and their protégés also sets in. This makes party primary elections, until rectified to put a certain educational level mandatory, remains unsatisfactory.

This leaves us with the option of having a consensus candidate selection even if phantom party primary elections should be conducted as a guide to future matured politics.

A biased free selection of consensus candidate is achieved if each of the contesting candidates is asked to nominate any other candidate out of the contestants beside him. This will surely bring out the consensus candidate that more are ready to work with. In the case of a stalemate, the last two will be required to undergo a second round of selection until one emerges even with a single vote.

Such a consensus candidate should as a matter of principle work in synergy with all the other contestants in governance and it should never be a one man affair. This will eliminate any camarilla shadow governance.

In parliamentary system of government, these problems are not usually encountered, yet for fast and rapid progress of a large nation with abundant resources, it seems the presidential systems will be catalytic to progress once the right capable person is put on the seat.

The nation now needs a man that can bring everybody along friends and foes. No part of the nation or segment of the society should feel marginalized or left out. A man with inclusive not exclusive philosophy. A man with a wide chest that can absorb criticism and abuse. A man benevolent and not vengeful. A man who sees the magnanimity of the law not the heinousness of the crime. A man equitable and consultative.

A man alert and agile. A workaholic not ceremonious. Humble and down to earth. Firm but flexible, soft but not lousy, endowed with natural intelligence not a bookworm or artificial intellectualism. Pragmatic not theoretic and rhetoric. Hates praises and welcome censorship. And most importantly have the fear of God in his heart, not the fake piety politicians display in churches and mosques.

For the next four years the primary agenda should be ‘peaceful co-existence’. With it, half of the economic, infrastructural and social infarctions will be solved gradually. A national in dialogue and reorganization will be adaptive to the vicious vicissitude of time.

May Allah The most merciful deliver us all out of despair. Amin!”

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