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Nigeria: No Man’s Land Made By Lord Lugard ―By Annkio Briggs


Who Owns Nigeria And Who Does Nigeria Belong To?

Nigeria was made by Lord Lugard; Lord Lugard created Nigeria and brought together over 350 different ethnic nationalities that have very little in common, not language, culture, food, religion or aspirations did these people have in common. 

The amalgamation of Nigeria was ill-conceived, and selfish, it served only one purpose, to satisfy the economic greed of the British Empire, in her quest for imperial expansion to conquer the continent of Africa and control the natural resources of Africa. 

The different peoples were never consulted. The unification of the Southern and Northern Protectorates created by the same British Empire, 103 years later is unforgivable and no longer acceptable. 

It is to be noted that the imperial administrators of Southern Nigeria welcomed the amalgamation, the administrators of Northern Nigeria did not welcome it as they believed it posed risks to their interests, they saw the people of the North as backward and did not want the people of the North to be influenced by the exposure, education and culture of the South.

As the wealth of the Niger Delta (budget surplus) is used today in all parts of Nigeria except in the Niger Delta, and controlled totally by none Niger Delta indigenes, so was the surpluses of the then Southern Nigeria used to offset the deficit of the debt ridden Northern Nigeria.

The amalgamation of the North and South of Nigeria was never fully accepted by the different people of Southern Nigeria, having very little in common, governance of  Nigeria was and is based on mutual lack of trust, and will continue on this destructive path of retrogression and final implosion.


Nigeria is a business, managed by corruption, injustice, inequality, fear and at this final leg of the run by killings and violence.  I do understand the desire to believe that it is possible to continue to hold Nigeria together as a Country. I am wondering under what terms and conditions this can be possible. 

The amalgamation is responsible for the civil war, the injustice, oppression and the Niger Delta peoples agitation for resource ownership and control, justice, equity and freedom. 

The call of the Igbos for their own nation, the longtime agitation of the Yorubas for regionalism, federalism, state police, etc., the emergence of Boko Haram whose focus is not to acquire any form of western education.

If the Northern Governors Forum can meet and

take a position to defend their herdsmen who are

roaming the South of Nigeria killing our people

and destroying our farms, WHY are the Governors

of Southern Nigeria shy or afraid to defend the victims

of these unprovoked and unacceptable attacks by

kinsmen of the Governors of the North!

Boko Haram held Nigeria and the world spell bound when it started off by sacking communities in the North East of Nigeria, majorly Christian communities, killing, raping, burning communities. 

Boko Haram became dreaded when it claimed to kidnap nearly 300 Secondary school girls who were getting ready to sit for their West African School Leaving certificate Examinations in 2014.

This actually happened when Nigerians from all works of life were gathered to discuss the future of Nigeria in the 100th year of the 1914 amalgamation.

The coincidence is strong that this took place when the strongest opposition to the 2014 National Conference was driven by the North, and the newly formed opposition political party APC that today is the governing party.


The herdsmen attacks in Nigeria on innocent Nigerians are a bigger security threat to the survival of Nigeria as a Country.

The attacks by herdsmen on innocent Nigerians, in their homes, farms and communities can no longer be ignored or condoned. 

The people of the Middle Belt have in the past three decades or more suffered these attacks and killings, they have long complained about the forceful occupation of their farm lands and communities by herdsmen. 

Unfortunately we in the South paid very little attention, either from disbelief or with the misconception that it’s a northern affair.  The attacks slowly crept into the South West, and we in the South East and South South looked at it as a Northern/Muslim affair. 

In the past 6/7 years the attacks started occurring in the South East and South South, then just as the days of Hitler it began to dawn on us that perhaps there is something sinister here, and we wanted to believe that if we tried to reason it away, with self-deceiving chants of one Nigeria it will all go away just as it came. 

There is something about injustice, and violence if you attempt to rationalize it, wish it away, hope it away, or bury your head in the sand, the perpetrator smells fear, it not only intensifies it takes hold rapidly.

In the past 24 months politicians, elders, religious leaders and recently youth groups of the North have ignored the obvious and systematic attacks on so called fellow Nigerians Herdsmen. 

Thousands of defenseless men, youths, women, mothers, wives, pregnant women and children are killed, butchered, slaughtered and raped. Farms are destroyed and communities burnt, during the night or day time, it did not matter. 

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