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Nigeria Politicians Are 419ers


buhari1 million become 30 million naira… thief become Nigeria senate president… 419 control Nigeria economy… PDP sow their birth right in the name of coming back

to power… Nigerians have entered one chance with the formation of our political parties and leaders.

“Haven looked at critically the formation of APC government and Buhari-led administration, I see the words “change” they stand for; I have watched Asari Dokubo anticipation regarding 1914 amalgamation.

It is about time every right thinking Nigeria begin to think of an alternative country to live in. Apart from the civil war, the last 6 years have been an unending war in Nigeria. How can any sane person think of building a future in a country where your life can be cut short at any moment? How can you call a country home where you cannot even succeed financially and walk the streets freely, or even have your family walk freely?

 Nigeria’s current Senate President, Bukola Saraki, made a series of questionable deposits and illegal withdrawals from banks in order to launder stolen funds through shell companies and an American Express credit card. The report was authored by a team of detectives at the Special Fraud Unit of the Nigerian police headed by a Commissioner of Police.

The police investigation found that Mr. Saraki, during his tenure as Governor of Kwara State, was the “prime promoter” of several shell companies, including Skyview Properties Ltd., Limkers Ltd., Dicetrade Ltd., Carlisle Properties and Investment Ltd., and the parent company known as Joy Petroleum.

Senator Saraki’s money making scheme, according to the details of the Special Fraud Unit’s investigation, was to withdraw millions of naira disguised as loans from GTBank, Intercontinental Bank, Zenith Bank Plc. The funds were then moved into different accounts, sometimes under the guise that the purpose was to pay off some bank debts with other “loans.”

A part of the investigation discovered that Senator Saraki at various times withdrew 11 billion naira from the Intercontinental Bank, 160 million naira from Zenith Bank, and 204 million naira from GTBank. According to the report, “the investigation also saw evidence of a 200 million naira loan facility that was availed by Zenith Bank to Joy Petroleum Ltd.”

Tinubu should defend the allegations of converting almost all the landed properties in Lagos to Mr. Tinubu’s personal use and monumental looting of the state by the former governor.

You really need to live overseas to truly know that

Nigeria is a failed and a demonic place to live in.

Nigeria is a failed project. Biafra or no Biafra, we

all need to go our own ways

Tinubu became stupendously rich at the expense of Lagos State tax payers; Tinubu acquires the Alausa Secretariat the way he acquired the secretariat of Eti-Osa Local Government and several other properties belonging to the people of Lagos State, Lagosians can go to hell!

According to Mr. Yinka Odumakin, Chieftain of the Save Nigeria Group, a Governor of the APC awarded one Kilometer of Road construction for N1 Billion.

Boasting about his knowledge of Yoruba political leaders, Odumakin said, “I can tell you authoritatively that the most dangerous and terrible tendency in Yoruba politics is the house of deceit that Tinubu represents.”

As more and more Nigerians are weighing in on President Buhari’s asset declaration, they have started questioning the President’s so-called austere life.  What is most perplexing to most Nigerians is Buhari’s lie.

Why would a so-called honest man make up figures about his assets in December, 2014 as “having N1 million in his bank account,” which has suddenly risen to N30 million and then 150 cows to 270 cows in less than six months by beginning of June, 2015, when he submitted the list.

 “It is clear from the assets listed that the President is a multi-billionaire, who also wields enormous power and influence and cannot therefore be seen as a peasant committed to the wellbeing of the less privileged.

Why would a so-called honest man make up figures

about his assets in December, 2014 as “having N1

million in his bank account,” which has suddenly

risen to N30 million and then 150 cows to 270 cows

in less than six months by beginning of June, 2015

Noting, however, that the declaration is better late than never, apparently referring to previous presidents, who did not care to make public their worth, he doubted what Buhari presented to the public, saying that it was at variance with the low profile and ‘poor man’ posture the president had wanted to foist on Nigerians.

He said: “Before the last election, Buhari had given us the erroneous impression that he was a poor man, requiring bank loans to buy nomination form and run his campaigns but now he has shown that he has cash of N30 million, huge investments in companies and banks and farm assets.

“By this declaration, it is clear that Buhari is one of the wealthy and influential Nigerians, who wield enormous power. He can therefore, no longer pretend to be among the poor masses and I doubt if he can still effect the change he promised the poor. We are therefore, waiting and watching to see the expected change.”

Africa remains the source of pity. Someone has lied to us but on simple ground that some others lied more in our own estimation then he has become a saint in comparison. Am ‘relying on statements made before’, does lie expire? Ah! You’ve turned to someone else that pointed out the lies as a bigot. I leave you on the plain of justice to place yourself. I can never respect a man that tells me he borrowed N1 million only to hear from him that he has N30M.

How on earth will Peoples Democratic Party vote for Senator Bukola Saraki to become the senate president? The whole world knows that Bukola Saraki, Tinubu and Amaechi are the most corrupts politicians in the history of this country.

I concur that PDP is desperate to come to power in 2019.

Truth be told, Nigeria has become a sinking ship, and needs to drown or fall off the cliff and then rebuilt again. For our youths to reach their full potential it is imperative for them to have their own revolution! Or at least start thinking of the nearest next African country to call home. Nigeria is a cooking halogen gas in a hot air balloon that is about to pop and kill. It is coming, it must come, it is here!

Fellow Compatriot, The only way out is the outright dissolution of Nigeria. Sincerely speaking, this is the bitter truth. We are not one as a people and can never be one, the earlier we all realize this fact the better for us all in this Country. Sometimes people get along better being apart than being together.

You really need to live overseas to truly know that Nigeria is a failed and a demonic place to live in. Nigeria is a failed project. Biafra or no Biafra, we all need to go our own ways. It’s already more than a 100yrs of us being together as a Country and we still can’t get things right. So better we all try being apart.

Change agents abounds. I love change because it’s a constant thing; however lasting change in the country does not lie with APC or PDP because we have a lot of agents of darkness in their helm of affairs? Permanent and lasting change comes from the Almighty God alone through men and women that fear Him. Nigeria shall surely reap the benefits of change irrespective of what the devil is doing. I am very optimistic

David Busayo is the National coordinator, Advocates for Good Governance; 07064664519, Budav4fem@gmail.com, Facebook: budav4fem@yahoo.com

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