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Nigeria: Religion, Tribe and Politics – The dark triad


Imagine N4.7bn invested in setup of locally fabricated garri frying stations in 1000 communities at N4.7m each. It will yield income for local fabricators, yield for garri traders, create employment and bring healthier, well processed garri free of rats. – Author

Latest find: N4.7bn traced to an account of Hon Obanikoro’s two sons according to EFCC. Hon Obanikoro was former minister of state during GEJ. If this is true, imagine N4.7bn invested in setup of locally fabricated garri frying stations in 1000 communities at N4.7m each. It will yield income for local fabricators, yield for garri traders, create employment and bring healthier, well processed garri free of rats.

Corruption is bane of our country. Politicians diverted funds for education and created opportunity for foreign schools. Diverted funds for Refinery created opportunity for fuel import. Diverted fund for power project and created opportunity for generator importers. Diverted funds for health sector, created opportunity for foreign medical trips. 

From Enugu to Onitsha was formerly 45 mins drive, now 4hrs 5 mins cos project fund was diverted. At the peak of it, under the watch of former minister, Hon Abba Moro team, hapless job seekers were duped in immigration job scam, many died yet no one was prosecuted. So who do you blame for the massive under development? Sanusi was sacked so a compromising CBN gov came in and shared the money. Any one calling for sack of CBN gov may have some insider details too ugly to print

Remove politics of religion, tribe and political party. Deal with criminals as individuals who hate their tribe, religion and political party. I celebrate the winning of Gov Wike so he can open case files of his predecessor and should he find anything with clear facts, then we will know if Buhari means business or just following script to achieve dream of one party state! If one party state is dream of APC, then Nigerians are in for big trouble. Nigeria may fall into a state worse than Arab Springs. 

Collectively, we will overcome the stranglehold, manipulation of wicked and corrupt politicians who incite hate along religious and tribal lines. My prayer is that a healthy democracy is evolved through healthy opposition to avoid the one party state problem we had suffered in the past and allow checks and balances. PDP should be encouraged to re-brand by expunging itself of shameless opportunists. APC must make their CHANGE mantra a holistic programme to fight the corrupt among them. Politicking is like wooing a lover. 

APC must learn to be patient and kind to the unkind. South East and South South need to appreciate that Buhari is president till 2019. If you are a Christian, it is a command to pray for your leader, not because you love him but because you want the good of your country. Prayer contractors and marabouts hired by politicians dealt badly with GEJ. We need their faces too because they were also paid as spiritual security men, so they have to refund. 

Some even promised to use esoteric powers to locate Chibok girls. Govt of the day paid.  If we manage religion, tribe and politics better, we will see the great potential of Nigeria as true giant of Africa. Nigeria – good people, great nation!

Investigating and prosecuting the corrupt, plugging holes to prevent corruption should go hand in hand with developing programmes to lead us out of economic woods. The earlier our leaders accept we are in the woods, adjust their seat belts, the faster we get out of the woods. Our leaders from State to Federal must openly adjust their earnings and entitlements so they can feel the squeeze of the ordinary Nigerians, else its pure deception of grandiose to tell Nigerians times are bad but be seen to be living in opulence. That’s white wash.

APC must realize that the hungry loses patience faster with the cook than the sick with the doctor. Nigerians are hungry not sick, so our patience is growing thin. South East has the highest number of graduate, unemployed youths, so the hunger, anger and frustration are more among the youths here. The agitation is far from over if hope is not given to the increasingly hopeless youths. Universities offer scholastic skills but entrepreneurship skills are developed through vocation. 

If parents, who saw the civil war in South East, became wealthy even with failure of the then government to implement the 3 point agenda of Reconstruction, Rehabilitation and Reintegration, then they must give their kids lesson on money making skills. Why? Universities do not teach money making skills. If they do, professors would be the richest in the world!

States and Local governments must task their minds to develop agriculture and sources of revenue outside of squeezing the already impoverished local businesses for tax. Tax incentives must be given to encourage job creation for graduate youths. Security is everybody’s business. Radical Islam is a source of problem around the world. 

Nigeria should learn from the challenges of Syria, Iraq, and Libya to formulate policies on teaching religious tolerance from Primary School up to University. Yes, University! If you graduate with first class but end up being blown apart by another misinformed fundamentalist or burnt by tribalist at the least provocation, did you not lose it all?

Our education system must be revamped in view of changing requirements in the job market; else we graduate youths without relevant skill sets for employment. Must employers do not have the patience and budget for training staffs. They want ready to work, youths. They want to spend less and make more. That’s capitalism. 

A course in marketing should provide digital marketing training to target the upwardly mobile, tech savvy internet users for cost efficiency and targeted direct marketing. Most importantly, our graduate youths must be taught that learning is a lifelong exercise and most importantly, nothing under develops a person, like entitlement mentality. I call it Almajiri mentality.

It is undeniable fact that APC led govt did not create the present problems, but true leadership is known only in time of great difficulty – light shines bright in darkness. President Obama walked the USA out of the woods without complaints. USA became color blind in time of difficulty and allowed Obama because he preached hope, not blames. Buhari, it’s your turn. Prove your ingenuity .No excuses

Evang Chinedu Nwoye (Responses – chineducnwoye@gmail.com)

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