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Nigeria should take ‘agbo’ herbal medicine to next level – Igietseme


American trained Professor of Immunology and Microbiology, Joseph Igietseme has asked Nigeria to take “Agbo” herbal medicine to the next level saying Nigeria will not be respected if we maintain “Agbo” at crude concoction level.

“Agbo” is a Yoruba word that describes a concoction of medicinal plant parts – bark, root, trunk, leaves – steeped or boiled in alcohol or water.

Speaking in an interview with ElombahNews, the Georgetown-University trained Professor said that most of Nigeria’s products should not remain at “Agbo” stage but proceed to the next stage level to elucidate mechanism of action.

The Professor said,” Our setting, we need to really take things to the next level, most of our products should not remain at “Agbo” stage.

“They should proceed to the next level to elucidate the mechanism of action and specifically what is acting.

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Speaking during the Elombah TV interview on the topic: The COVID-19 Pandemic, what do we know so far, Igietseme, an expert in Disease Control and Prevention with CDC, in USA, said, “I took “Agbo” as I was growing up, and when I go home, I sometimes still take it.

“But I believe the time has come for us to take responsibility for what we do so that we can get the respect we deserve, yes there are things out there but to maintain it at the crude concoction level, I don’t really agree.

“I think there is need to take it to the next level, let us support the need for that .

“At a point we need to take responsibility, for example most of our setting, for us to do serious research, you need 24/7 power.

“If you don’t have it, you can romance and aspire as much as you like , if you go to my freezer some of the strain of micro bacteria, I had 20 years ago, 25 years ago, I still have them and if there is a need for me to compare what is breaking out today to what was there 20 years ago so that I can find quick solution, I have a setting where that is reliably stored and I can bring it out any time.

“So if we are serious with our society, we can’t produce that, if I become a VC in University today , my first project is to have 24/7 lights and water , almost every other things will ride on it.

Agbo herbal medicine research

“I will convince the authority that without that nothing else can happen meaningful that we be sustained for the long time, it is okay for your to have curriculum, but for you to move forward as society, you need those two things in place in a reliable form.

“if Nigeria is serious about industrialization without supportive Research and Development from biotechnology, engineering and others in the next twenty years we will still be blaming ourselves on who is responsible and who is not responsible, to me there are corruption everywhere in the world , at anytime go into a place and make something happen.”

He decried a situation where Nigeria’s herbal medicine development is still at the “gbogbonise” level, a cure for all conconction.

The Professor said that there may be some things packed in the small bottle known as “gbogbonise” but there is need to find out what is in that stuff and it can only be feasible through research.

Aside “Agbo”, “Gbogbonise” is another “wonder cure” concoction used in curing many diseases in Nigeria, particularly in the South Western part of the country.

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