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Nigeria: The God That Failed In Africa ~ By Bayo Oluwasanmi

Every day in Nigeria, unspeakable barbaric acts far exceed the imagination of best seller absurdist novelists and comedians. In a well choreographed events after events, we see a nation on implosion suicide hastened by “accelerated decomposition.”

Day-in, day-out, we see a government with energetic authoritarianism in the execution of presidential powers that leads to abandonment of civil rights and rule of law. Nigeria is in advanced state of political and moral decay. It is becoming more and more certain that with the present central government, Nigeria as a nation will never be able to extricate itself from impending destruction and disintegration.

The high priest in Aso Rock pardoned Boko Haram ”repented” terrorists and asked them to sin no more. They have been rehabilitated and integrated into civil society with full honors and benefits. For example, there is foreign scholarship awaiting them to study at any country and at any university of their choice. In another bizarre statement, the high priest argued and defended the criminal jumbo salaries and perks of federal legislators saying they are underpaid for the highly demanding work of the nation they do “behind the scenes.”

As Nigeria sinks deeper and deeper into 15th century primitive recklessness, the citizens display signs of exhaustion, fatigue, and hopelessness as they watch the ruling elites turn Nigeria into a lawless gangland. Like strangers in a strange land they keep asking themselves in hush tones: “Is this Nigeria we grew up?”

Nigeria suffers from untamed corruption, high income disparity, uneven economic development, heightened and frightened economic decline. Our culture is deprived of innovation, creativity, and invention. Our public colleges and universities rank at the bottom compared with the rest of the world. Our economic and political systems stress division rather than unity.

Ethnic rivalry and acrimonious rancor coupled with religion remain dominant curses that give rise to identity grievance, vengeance, potential conflict, accelerated social discord, and economic inequality which make for compulsory national fragility. The signs are not good. The ruling class has completely lost it. Visibility of a better or improved future is zero. It’s going to get worse in the years ahead. It’s sheer madness to continue with a dysfunctional, disunited, and jagajaga one Nigeria. The solution is simple: let’s separate progressive Yoruba nation from Hausa/Fulani reactionary feudalists. Let’s part ways!

Trillions of Naira meant for economic development flee our shores. Great number of Nigerians have lost the identity of Nigeria as home. They have been forced to pitch their tent in a contemporary hell. They have become shell-shocked refugees in every direction both at home and abroad. The situation is best advertised by the ruling native tyrants through their unwillingness, hypocrisy, and cowardice to openly acknowledge that Nigeria as one nation had expired longest time. Nigeria in all honesty is the god that failed in Africa!

The formular for national economic development and peace are: innovation, investment, and prosperity for the next two generations, inclusive political institutions, functional central government, and a respect for the rule of law. Instead, Nigeria is bleeding profusely from authoritarian leadership, polarized and fractured citizens, failed institutions that fail to provide social, economic, and political opportunities to Nigerians. It’s no surprise that citizens of civilized and functioning democracies live longer, are wealthier, more educated, more informed, and more innovative, than citizens of a failed Nigerian state.

History informs us that nations rise and fall. With all the obvious indices of failed state, Nigeria has fallen. Nigeria is on progressive march towards disintegration. It’s too late to halt the advancement to separation. This is a blessing in disguise. Let’s all embrace the opportunity. Let’s part ways from a barren and backward union. It’s not working. It will never work. And we shall live happily ever!

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