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Nigeria – This nonsense must stop


“To the corrupt I say this: return our stolen money and save yourself and family, else the wrath of the people will fall on you. The sick can exercise patience with the doctor, but not the hungry with the cook…”

The first job of leadership is to love people. Leadership without love is manipulation. Kids are regularly roasted alive, wives  turned to sex slaves, teenage girls raped & infected with HIV/AIDS and throats of fathers slit while their sons watch, all because leadership failed to sincerely to address the root cause of insurgency worse failed to use funds for ARMS PROCUREMENT or remunerate the soldiers on the front line. 

This is not about North or South, Muslim or Christian but about failure of leadership to understand that commoners voted for better Nigeria but are being used as pawns to siphon security funds. Corrupt leaders need more commoners slain to create emergency situations to access funds. Is this the kind of people our kids will read about in the future and be proud to be called Nigerians? 

Traumatized youths are quartered in IDP camps in various parts of Nigeria.  Among them are Christians, Muslims, Traditionalists, and Pagans. They all have one question in common – why has leadership failed to recognize that lives of ordinary people matter too?  There are many innocent kids who heard of Awolowo and wished to get education, some heard of Zik of Africa and wished to learn to stand for unity of Nigeria as giant of Africa, some heard of Sir Ahmadu bello and wished to see a better Northern Nigeria but these kids are saddened by the failure of leadership to protect the innocent and save the dreams of kids.  

In the past kids played together in open fields and shared dreams. Kids in Lagos spoke Yoruba as common language. Kids in North spoke Hausa as common language. Kids in South East spoke Igbo as common language. Kids didn’t know tribe and religion or political party. They went to public schools and enjoyed public facilities. In the public schools, the kids were celebrated for their gifts in sports or academics not their fathers money. 

Failure of leadership created the huge gap between rich and poor and made it glaring that it was a curse to be poor, despite being overly gifted and hardworking. Failure of leadership told poor kids that academic excellence was not necessary and merit was disgusting as the best was reserved for the elite not the endowed, honest and hardworking. The gully between the rich and poor kids has widened because the greed of the failed leaders are unquenchable. 

No one saw the pain of poor parents who sold everything to raise just one graduate youth with high expectation that he will get a job and assist in raising his siblings but was conned and trampled to death in the immigration job scam. Failure of leadership quenched the light of hope of the poor like candle in the wind. Youths who survived being trampled have not survived the shock of disbelief that leadership setup job scam to fleece them of fund they do not have. Many parents watch their graduate youths become tricycle operators and constantly harangued by police and treated like scumbags. 

Donald trump makes sarcastic remarks about failed leadership in Africa, worse Nigeria and these shameless leaders ignore the harsh truth and call him white faced, pink nose racist.

EFCC has only succeeded in banding huge figures of graft but obtained very few convictions because failure of leadership exempts many from facing the justice as they are members of cult of failures who see nothing wrong in corruption as long as the corrupt is on their side.

Failure of leadership did not allow our myopic leaders to see need to build new refineries and stop fuel imports, equip hospitals and stop foreign medical tours, equip schools and save our kids from being exported like cargo, build functional energy supply to encourage industrialization and employment generation.

Have any considered the number of lives lost and financial losses along Enugu Onitsha express way – the only gateway to the South East? Failure of leadership have not allowed leaders of the South East to convoke a meeting to address needs of the teeming youths of the 5 states of the south east who are constantly looking for avenues to vent their frustration. Their anger will explode sooner than later and it will be worse than Boko Haram and more lethal than Arab Springs revolution because the graduate, unemployed and angry youths know the addresses of their leaders and they will go after them and roast them alive when the unrest erupts.

People should build a hall of shame and put names and pictures of the failed, corrupt leaders in all fields in the website. This will immortalize their evil deeds. These men hide behind religion, tribe and politics to manipulate ordinary Nigerians to fight and kill themselves while they loot our treasury. This nonsense must stop. I am a Nigerian. So are you. In our driver’s license and international passports, there is NO TRIBE, RELIGION or POLITICAL PARTY.

This nonsense must stop. Pray for North East. Pray for all the traumatized youths to avoid total psychological breakdown. They all need our love. 

Buhari is our president now. Your excellency Sir, please preside over affairs of Nigeria as a nation. Ignore hate mongers. Woo the south east and South South. You have won elections. No more politicking. Corruption is heinous crime because it is the mother of all crimes. Let the law be upheld in punishment of convicts but work towards better economy and united Nigeria. We are balkanised and ethnic intolerance reigns supreme. 

The South East and South South youths want you to do things to prove the politicians who said that you hate the Igbos wrong. You have your fans in South East and South South. Voice of the majority is not the voice of all. 

Bible asked Christians to pray for leaders. Bible did not say pray for your leader if he is a believer and from your ethnic group or political party. Bible said Pray for the leader. 

Slander is evil. It is the worst you can do to anyone. Politicians have slandered each other and the leaders of the regions have brought in youths as canon fodders for the fight and it has led to tribal hate. There is grave danger ahead if this is not curbed. I am a Nigerian, not an American. I love Nigeria.

American passport makes a Nigerian in the USA a citizen by law not by GENE. Real Americans know us as Nigerians living legally in the USA not as Americans; that is why Donald Trump said he will send all of us parking if he wins. South Africans murdered us. We only did evil to Ghanaians when we sent them parking at their trying time. Now, the whole world sends us parking and calls our youths ‘criminals’. This is bad. Let us fix Nigeria and enjoy our peace here. A functional Nigeria is the best place to be for all Nigerians.

Your Excellency sir, if you can ask the Europeans, Arabs and Americans for list of bank accounts where our corrupt politicians stashed ill-gotten money, can’t you ask for list of Boko Haram sponsors? Our former president, GEJ said earlier he has it. We need these men punished. They have wasted far too many lives to spared one day extra. We need them investigated, tried, convicted and hanged. They deserve nothing less than hanging for the crimes against innocent, hapless citizens

When judiciary fails, jungle justice will rise. Watch and see.  Lies have expiry date. Soon wool pulled over the eyes of Nigerians by failed leadership will be taken off and the corrupt will be brought to jungle justice. 

To the corrupt I say this as a prophet: return our stolen money and save yourself and family, else the wrath of the people will fall on you soon. The sick can exercise patience with the doctor, but not the hungry with the cook because he will go to check if it is stone that is being boiled or yam. The hunger is increasing, so is the anger. 

Many civil servants are being fired in the midst of economic doom. Anger is brewing. Just watch and see. No hiding for the wicked, corrupt. You are known. Your palaces give you out. Even your police security hate you for playing god, while his kids are constantly harassed for school fees because you diverted funds for public school and made private school with unqualified teachers the better choice for the poor. 

Evang Chinedu Nwoye

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