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Nigeria Ticking Towards Doomsday Over Coronavirus

By Chief Odo Ijere

The worst is with us now. Our worst nightmare stares us in the face.

One thing you should know for sure is that Nigeria will be the last part of call for the Corona by the time it has ravaged the rest of the world.

With no medicals, no infrastructure, no health care, no technology to cope, no government intervention, no government systems to direct the citizenry, all hell will be let loose here.

By the time the rest of the world would have brought the scourge under control in their various countries, the focus will be on Nigeria as we struggle with incompetence, irresponsible leadership, insensitive leadership, non compliant leadership, clueless leadership, selfish leadership, octogenarian leadership, decayed institutions, hapless citizenship, and above all a failed country.

The world will just watch helplessly as we crush and die in Mass.

No one should be blamed but our own very selves. Because we failed to fight to take our country from incompetent leaders.

Now one out of only two ventilators in northern Nigeria is now commandeered and seized to take care of only one or two vip patients in Aso Rock.

The same ASO Rock that budgeted N9 Billion for it’s clinic in three years. The same ASO Rock that madam Aisha lamented could not boast of ordinary paracetamol for it’s patients.

Madam Aisha’s Lamentations were swept under the carpet without probe while the sharing of the money continued.

Now the Stark reality is for all occupants of the nation’s seat of power to face the death sentence.

So what is the definition of incompetence?

By the time the present leadership answer the call en masse of the seemingly inevitable, then maybe and just maybe, the country will seamlessly divide along it’s natural concourse without the shooting of one bullet.

Nnamdi Kanu may be right after all. No bullet will be spent to divide Nigeria. The present scenario we all face will not spare this country.

This leadership has killed this country.

How are the mighty falling. It’s a pity.

Odo Ijere.

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