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Nigeria Is In Trouble With This “Same-Sex” Witches ~ By Daniel Ilu


It’s a terrible untruth to say “same-sex marriage” is “common in “Yorubaland”. I am not even sure anyone can say “same-sex relationships” is common in Yorubaland.

Needless to speak of the unspeakable menace of “same-sex nuptials” now rearing its ugly head in our midst in Nigeria (as seen in the Shoremi matter and the family’s very visible anguish at the selfishness and self-centered actions of their gullible daughter).

In fact, the opposition to “same-sex relationships” remains stalwart in Yorubaland, perhaps more than any other tribe or place in Nigeria.

I should know: I am a Yoruba—and proudly so—who is also very aware of the culture and traditions of the tribe.

But we are in trouble in Nigeria. Our “adopt-anything-mindlessly-that-happens-to-be-Western” elite are conspiring to throw us over a cliff from which there will be no return.  Just mark my words on that.

A country that cannot even generate enough electricity for a quarter of its use every day is now poised to be saddled with the medical, social, psychological, DEMONIC and other upheavals / misnomers that recognizing and validating same-sex liaisons / relationships often inflicts on a society.

Homosexuality is seriously evil stuff and should be kept at arm’s length by any society.

African countries should be brave enough, as we were in Nigeria when we passed our great same-sex law during the Jonathan administration, to call the bluff of the decadent, stupid, foolish Western countries (and also South Africa, which has since regretted its validation of same-sex relationships).

There are African / Nigerian children (adults) right now in the US, Britain, Canada, etc. right now who are “breaking up with” or cutting ties with their parents (father, mother or both) who dare oppose their same-sex “orientation” or relationships.

Homosexuality has also destroyed the marriages of many Nigerians in the US, with one partner (usually the husband) not knowing that his “innocent wife’s” best friend is really her girlfriend. And this was a wife he even brought to the US from Nigeria!

Unknown to Nigerian kids in the US who “break up” with their parents in the US since the latter refuse to endorse their homosexual “orientation / lifestyle”, the shitty “same-sex orientation” is often a demonic attack launched by enemies of such parents or the children themselves in the same Western societies themselves.

How many people know that even just a hundred years ago, in these “developed” Western countries Nigerians ape or copy this badly, the term “witch” was often a polite term for “lesbian”?

People knew most (if not all) lesbians were witches who often inflicted that condition on other women (and men, in many cases).

 Homosexuality has also destroyed the marriages of many Nigerians in the US, with one partner (usually the husband) not knowing that his “innocent wife’s” best friend is really her girlfriend. And this was a wife he even brought to the US from Nigeria!

Due to the stupid, myopic focus on “science”, “rationality” and “scientifically-explainable “phenomena”, these witches (male and female) now run riot or have a field day in these Western countries, destroying lives and altering futures—and inflicting homosexuality demonically on others (I repeat).

How come it is always those who oppose the practice of homosexuality in these societies or are known to be wholesomely straight that usually produce children that “turn out’ to be “gay”?

Check Warren Beatty, known as one of the greatest Hollywood studs ever. The same wit Dick Cheney, conservative former Vice-President of the US. The list goes on. Think Demonic attacks.

It is no point that you can’t or shouldn’t condemn homosexuality because the person who might issue your visa might be gay.

The same gay person might be the most racist person ever (which many of them are in these same Western societies); is it “cool” then to be racist, because your victim is black and “disadvantaged” to begin with?

Let’s call a spade a spade, especially coming from someone who has spent close to two decades in what is widely-regarded as the most influential Western country of all, the US: homosexuality is BAD on many, many levels, most of which is hidden to those who foolishly abet it or are even “curious” enough to “try” it.

As for those of us in Nigeria, please run away from this thing! More importantly, shun those who engage in it (especially openly) or secretly promote it or urge it on others.

See attached photo  and report in a Newspaper:


Family In Ogun Disowns Their Daughter On National Newspaper; See Their Reason

A family in Ogun state took to one of the national dailies to disown their daughter because of same sex marriage.

Reacting to the publication, a concerned Nigerian, Vincent Modebelu wrote”

This girl has gone too far to humiliate her parents.

For them to go through the newspapers, they have had enough

Kids should listen to their parents

By Daniel Ilu

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