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Nigeria/US Voters Who Supported Buhari in 2015 Arrive Nigeria Largely Disappointed


Call for Real Change as Growing Support for Atiku/Obi

Africans In America Press Release

Large number of Nigerian-American voters are arriving in Nigeria to participate in upcoming national and state elections starting on Saturday February 16, 2019.

This was made known by renowned international human rights activist, and anti-corruption crusader, Bonaventure Ezekwenna upon arrival at Murtala Mohammed International Airport Ikeja Lagos few days ago.

Speaking to reporters in Lagos, Bonaventure Ezekwenna said overwhelming majority of Nigerians of all tribes in United States had not only believed Gen. Muhammadu Buhari in 2015, but immensely supported him in 2015 national presidential elections.

But over time, they currently consider President Buhari a colossal leadership failure who should have quietly retired home for good, to allow people with ideas to run this should-have-been great nation.

“The senseless slaughter of Nigerians by invading groups needs to stop immediately. Economic stagnation and quagmire needs to end immediately.

“Looting of the national and state treasury need to stop now. Attack and slaughter of Nigerian once gallant soldiers need to stop immediately. Commonsense leadership and accountability need to begin.

“Total, unbiased and non-sectional war against indiscipline, corruption, nepotism and human rights violations in Nigeria need to start immediately. Time for real change is now”, said the US-based America-Nigerian human rights group.

Mr. Ezekwenna and his group (Africans In America) are known for their works and support of historic international humanitarian causes. He led the epic successful battles against human trafficking and modern-day slavery within Nigerian community in United States.

“His group assisted US government in successful investigation and prosecution of landmark intercontinental human trafficking (modern-day slavery) cases in United States which resulted in trial, conviction and imprisonment of modern-day slave dealers. He also sponsored and financed the launching of Sahara Reporters in New York City, United States of America in 2006.

On the question of youth participation in leadership of Nigeria, Ezekwenna stated, “there is awareness boom at this moment in Nigeria. Nigerian youths don’t want crooks, young or old.

“Nigerian youths don’t want professional blackmailers, naughty rascals and one-man-gang protesters scheming for relevance as leaders. Nigerians, old and young, are wiser than you think”.

Mr. Ezekwenna and his group arrived Nigeria to vote and observe election coming up on Saturday, February16, 2019.

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