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Nigeria versus Shiites: A proxy war in sight!

By Kolawole Emmanuel Tayo


My country is screaming under the terror of death, nobody can sleep and rest, we saw those corpses that littered the streets and comprises the stench of dirges but who knows the next victim of insecurity. Guns are thirsty, bloods are oozing in the name of religion and shameful extremism.

Court ruling in December 2016 by Justice Gabriel Kolawole ordered the release of Sheikh Ibrahim El-Zakzaky, under an administration that aired it campaign to uphold the rule of law and disintegration of power. Surprisingly, the executive power decides to lock El-Zakzaky and his wife behind bars.

Behind closed doors, reasons for his detention has been made obscure and has shown the autocratic display of power between political big-wigs.

Dating back to Iran revolution of 1979, which El-Zakzaky said, “He was so impressed with and want one at home”. Though, his mounting zeal to have one at home has placed him under duress of operating an enclave state under a constitutional recognized state – Kaduna.

El-Zakzaky is a zealous man with a focused mindset, him been detained series of time has never derail his set objective of gathering folks to realise the establishment of an Islamic State in Nigeria.

As the incumbent President also sworn in 2001 to establish and solidify Sharia law in Nigeria and this he said to do with the last drop of his blood. Can we dissent with the two statement of having a close motive? The slight difference is their religious doctrines – Shia and Sunni.

It does not started today, Muhammad’s death in 634CE splashed out river of infighting and discord in the Muslim world, successfully split one faction as Shia Muslim and the other as Sunni Muslim. This dispute led to the first Civil War in the Islamic Caliphate called FIRST FITNA.

Ideology brought Saudi Arabia and Iran to the field of power in the Muslim world. After 1979 Iranian Revolution, Ayatollah Khomeini upheld and embraced Shia doctrines, Iran posit as a threat to tussle Islamic influence with Saudi Arabia in other countries. As Mecca and Medina was perceived as the holy city in Saudi Arabia for Sunni Muslims, Imam Hussein Shrine in Karbala subsequently became the holy city for Shia Muslims. Their tussle of scouring influence in every part of the world increases drastically everyday.

The two most arms purchasing country has dread facing each other militarily, instead, they engaged in proxy wars, funding insurgency in a sovereign country in a bid to deepen sectarian influence and loyalty.

Continuous imbalance and civil war that sent President Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi of Yemen forcefully into exile in 2014 was triggered by the Houthi Shia rebel movement, Saudi Arabia panicked that the Houthi success in Yemen with stealthy support from Iran could slip regional power in Yemen from them, this, culminated in warring in guise from both supporting angle.

In Lebanon, Hezbollah Shia movement, an alley of Iran, in 2017 accused Saudi Arabia of sparking tension in Lebanon, forcing Prime Minister Al-Hariri resignation. Same tales in Syria. All this catastrophe was fostered owing to Sunni-Shia struggle for power.

Sunni Muslims has immense proportion of doctrine-doers in Nigeria, IMN being Shia oriented has done marvellously for years to garner crops of Muslims to their fold. This might have billows fear and wanting to curtail Shia expansion over the face of Buhari-led administration, for him being a Sunni Muslim.

Unjust court terrorism declaration on IMN sect has a lot in coffin of revolt for Nigerians, present IMN leading figure said, “he can’t say precisely what their retaliation would be”. But let me say the situation is dicey and it can result into a widespread bloodletting, and most likely surpass stings of Boko Haram.

Iran bolstering link to IMN has not been figured out, Saudi Arabia support for Buhari has not wane on gaining vast influence over Iran. With the look of situations another proxy war site for Saudi Arabia and Iran tussle has located it satellites in Nigeria.

Far better to sketch plans not to fall victims of hungry power seekers. It may be late to prevent war at the nick of time.

Kolawole Emmanuel Tayo writes from Ibadan. He can be reach via kolawoleemmanuel2720@gmail.com.

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