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Nigeria: Will Bukola Saraki Cross This Brigade?


You don’t need to be told. The blind can see it, the deaf can hear it and even the dumb talk about it is a war; a cold war that will sooner or later become a “hot war” by two presidents. Who will become a victim or victor is one thing that I cannot tell. I am not a marabou and I don’t have dibia’s in my family lineage. All I can say for now is that heads will roll and someone will fall from grace to disgrace if care is not taken.

For those who don’t know, the Nigerian political arena is far dangerous than the dreaded kumirikiki forest in African night entertainment (Novel) of late Cyprian Ekwensi. It is a stage where every actor holds a PhD in a politics I01 from the Nicolo Machiavelli university of the “end justifies the means”. Make no mistake about this. Nigeria political theatre is a burning bush that chicken- hearted lads don’t dare to come close to. Take it or refuse it, to say politics in Nigeria is dirty is to be economical with the truth. In fact it is “dirtier”, I mean that it stinks worse than all the dumps-sites and ghettos in Ajegunle put together. Put succinctly, our politics is a darkness that bats dread.

 Of course, no tears for Saraki [above] the Doyen of hallowed Red chamber legislature. When he did a ‘babanriga coup’ against his party to wear a crown that was not meant for him, he forgets that do me “do me I do you” is a legal tender in Nigerian political market. Funny enough, he hid under the car in order to sneak to his coronation ground after Judasing his party interest. But, now that the lion is roaring right under his thrown where will he hide this time around? 

Before his father (Dr Abubakar Olusola Saraki joined his ancestors some year ago his wishes were law and commands dogma in Kwara State. He could even tell Kwarans when and how to “Jowjow or “Skelewu” with their wives. The younger Saraki forget that Abuja is not Ilorin where the mention of Saraki is a visa to get away with anything and everything. 

He played smart like a MBE the proverbial king Solomon of Ibo mythology but he forgot that it takes more than smartness to survival in the mucky water of Nigeria politics Ask Evan Enwerem, Chuba Okadigbo and Adolphus Wabara if you are a doubting Thomas. In my earlier treatise (Nigeria: like Judas like Saraki) on the civilian coup of June 9, I observed that “for challenging his party Saraki must not forget the fate of Nza the bird who after a meal challenged his “chi” to a single combat. He must have played it smart but he must also remember that if a piece of meat becomes too hot the teeth   will derive another way to chew it.” 

Saraki succeeded in winning the mat but on whose land will he spread the mat? Would it not have been a better wisdom to win the land first before fighting for the mat? The day is dawn and someone must pay for his political sin. Each time a pass through the three arm zone since June 9, I always remember that, the day a brooms tick becomes stronger than the broom it should change its name to Iroko tree. Will Mr. President Saraki cross this bridge? Who knows?


Saint Augustine is no doubt the greatest African son who applied his immense intellectual prowess in such a manner and magnitude that made the “Oyibo” suffer acute indigestion out of jealousy. Born in Tagaste (Algeria) in AD 354, Augustine a professor of rhetoric’s was famous for his two widely read master pieces-  ‘’the confession and the city of God’’. In the academic circle and must importantly the ecclesiastical arena his fame as a scholar and catholic Bishop remain undisputed for centuries. He is still one of the brightest skinning stars in Africa academic firmament. 

If Saint Augustine was to be alive today, perhaps, he would have added the city of impunity to the lists of his ‘vade mecum’ because of the smoke rising from the kitchen of the 1914 British “cut and join’’ political experiment. Nigeria is a product of British impunity and impunity has become her political, religious economic and social DNA.

Even after 55 years of independence and nearly two decades of constitutional democracy, Nigeria is caught in the web of judicial rascality official and executive brigandage and legislative lawlessness. It is only in Nigeria that the constitution is a paper tiger. No need to beat about the bush she is a perfect representation of George Orwell’s (Eric Blair) Animal farm. 

Grand merci, to Clara Shaw, Nigeria is a good name but the city of impunity captures better the existential reality in the tripod theory nation. It is only in Nigeria that 16 is an elder brother to 19- a Jonathanian theorem that Professor Chike Obi will not find funny. Where else will a section of the country be on fire and the president goes about dancing skelewu with his party men? Where does it happen that all nation security agencies DSS, NPF and their sister agencies are used as thugs for the ruling party. It makes heart wander in wonder that a VIP (very important prisoner) is walk freely the street of Abuja after extorting and killing hundreds of Nigerian job seekers. What other nation will allow the office of Madam – on top” (a useless and wasteful office that is foreign to the constitution) to disregard the constitution and rule of law?  Where has it happened that governance or government is a rehearsal ground for corrupt, clueless and cowardly privileged political actors?

 It is impunity that creates a system that sales justice to the highest bidder. Nothing breed impunity in a country like the sight of criminal, kleptomaniac government officials and ruthless government agents getting away with the crime they committed without any scar, living large of their spoils, lording it on the people and laughing at their face. The impunity of yesterday, the impunity of ex-president GEJ and PDP were endless Tufiakwa!

Now with the APC in the saddle at the centre we have started hearing the unpleasant tune played by the-drummer boy of the PDP. The DSS of Marylyn Ogar have not yet repented. They go about invading people homes and opposition government houses without recourse to the law. The code of conduct tribunal has woken from slumber and is only biting the perceived enemies of Aso Rock. EFCC and ICPC have returned from sabbatical and are now busy helping PMB to chase the stolen fund they participated in sharing in the first place. Today, all manner of minions and sycophants from the North have become political kings 

PMB, APC and their college of irrational supporters must realise that Nigeria is not under khaki rule. This is democracy and in every democracy, there is rule of law, due process and constitutional provisions. We cannot claim to be fighting corruption when we employ undemocratic and unconstitutional means. No one can use a corrupted process and person to fight corruption and expect to achieve desired result.

 We elected PMB because we were not comfortable with the city of impunity that ex-president GEJ (and PDP) was turning Nigeria into. Nobody should now, when we have not fully recovered from the locust of PDP days, hide under the banner of fighting corruption to turn Nigeria into another Zaire of Mobutu. PMB and APC must hear this; we say no to the impunity of yesterday.                                              

Martin-hassan Eze

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