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Nigerian 2023 elections and the search for the wise man from the East

As every bible scholar, Christian or Muslim faithful know, the wise men that went to look for Jesus came from the East! They had all the ingredients found in the East today. Frankincense, Meir and gold; commodities one can find in the East. I can tell you for a fact and for free that the East written about was in the South! That makes the Southeast a place to find the wise men to fix Nigeria full stop!
This is a beer parlour or the oza room reflection on our choices as we search for the wise man to take over the mantle of Nigeria’s leadership come 2023. First I reflect on federal character. Quota system is good even though most southerners have kicked against it because it gives chances for the educationally less endowed North to gain admission in unitary schools. But how will one feel if your less endowed child is not taken care of? Framers of our constitution were right in advancing that balancing of the polity and it is seen in other parts of the world. I am sure that balancing is one of the arguments of the Southeast quest for the leadership of this country and it is a just quest.
The president come 2023 must have a “J” in the name. This is because the past presidents from the South, OBJ and GEJ had J in their names. Two names come to my mind, Okonjo Iwealla (OKJ) and Osinbajo (OSJ); please if you see any of them or know where I can reach them, let them know that Nigeria needs them. The last time I checked OKJ already has a presidency campaign fan page on facebook. I have not seen that of OSJ probably because God has not spoken to him yet being a man of faith and given the body language of his Oga at the top in Bourdillon. Well, I have good news for him; God has spoken to me to tell him to throw his hat into the ring. Though strictly speaking he is not from the Southeast but sometimes our God can suspend protocols for his children. Trust me I have seen Him do that many times and for the sake of Nigeria He will to do it one more time. Interestingly even as this would mean our Uncle Bode George may go into exile as he promised he would, I found out that Tinubu may also qualify if God decide to suspend the East requirement and open up the space to the whole South. I smiled at my breakfast table when Asiwaju (ASJ) just walked into my mouth. I couldn’t believe but Asiwaju has a J and thus makes Tinubu a candidate for Nigeria’s presidency.
The person must bridge the divide between South and North. That is where the likes of Okorocha and Orji Uzor Kalu have played their games well. Uzor have great friends in the North and Okorocha have sustained his philanthropies in the North to the warm embrace of his people. I also hear Okorocha has roots in the North making him a good candidate to pass the acceptability test. That is where they surpass Peter Obi who would ordinarily be my favourite candidate given his antecedence for prudence and empathic leadership. The guy is very good with numbers that he intimidates any opponent in any debate once he starts reeling out those economic indices. As hard as I tried I could not find any J in the names of these umu Igbo (Igbos); Kalu, Peter and Okorocha. Please can anyone with their contacts reach out to them and enquire if they have any name with “J” inside; oburugodi aha baptism ha ma ob aha otutu ha (whether it is their baptismal name or chieftancy names)
That Southern and Northern Bridge is what we the fans of Okonjo have to start exploring if not done already. We must build her into the consciousness of the North. Osinbajo is already there with the trader money. Asiwaju may already be there too.
And finally to confirm that the three wise men are really from the East, three Israeli film makers were in the East a few weeks ago to explore the heritage of Igbo Jews that are yet to reconnect with the rest in Israel. They met a distasteful treatment due to some misunderstanding of their mission. But they took away the clear message that there is still room for improvement in Nigeria’s democratic journey. The present government have done their bit with so much investment in infrastructure just like the one before them invested in electoral and human rights reforms. It is now time for a wise man from the East to come bake a bigger cake so that all God’s children can have that manner He sent from above in the days of Yaw; be them in the East, West, North or South.
Obidike Peter wrote from p_obidike@yahoo.com and www.peterobidike.com
He is the Author of “Aladinma: eighties to nineties a reconnect”
Saturday 14th August 2021

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