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Nigerian army should be cautious on pro-Biafra protests – Group

pro-Biafra protests

Photo: Pro-Biafra protesters

*Ndigbo do not need physical Biafra but Biafra of the mind unless…

1 The Igbo Information Network is rattled by the threats of the Nigerian Army to intervene in the ongoing protests by pro-Biafra groups in the South East and South South.

2 The language they employ is too intimidating and escalates the tension even more. 

We are in a democratic set-up and such language is undemocratic.

3 While majority of Ndigbo do not subscribe to what the protesters are calling for they still have a constitutional right to express themselves . 

The idea that our nationhood, and whether we want to stay together or not, should not be discussed is undemocratic. 

Every Nigerian has the right to air his view on our nationhood. 

However, this should be within the ambit of the law.

4. We advise the army to shelve any idea of intervention in the protest in order not to escalate it. 

We also caution the protesters not to resort to violence in any manner or do anything that will incur the wrath of security agents.  

Above all we appeal to Mr President to release Nnamdi Kanu or commence his trial if there is any reason for that. 

5. We also reaffirm our belief that Ndigbo are major stakeholders in Nigeria and do not need any physical Biafra today, but at worst Biafra of the mind. Biafra was a child of necessity in the past . Ndigbo are nation builders and cannot leave Nigeria for anybody.

We are not secessionists by nature. 

In fact it was even the North and the West that were secessionists in the past before Easterners sought to do so in the 60s out of their bid to prevent their annihilation. 

More recently the Yorubas threatened to secede as a result of the Fulani herdsmen terror in Yoruba land. 

The murderous Boko Haramists are threatening to dismember this country along religious lines. 

All these secessionist threats are evidence that something is wrong somewhere. 

It is not by threats that the issue can be handled but through sincere Dialogue.

By Chuks Ibegbu


Igbo Information Network

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