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Nigerian lawyer raises alarm over safety of passengers using Air-Peace P47121

A Nigerian lawyer, Isaac Ogbah, has raised alarm concerning the safety of passengers using Air-Peace P47121

In a statement obtained by ElombahNews, Ogbah said he boarded the flight from Abuja to Lagos without his personal belongings.

It took agitations from the passengers for the officials of the Air-peace P47121 to explain that the air aircraft was having “weight restrictions issues” that was why it could not carry passengers along with their luggage.

Ogbah said there is urgent need for relevant authorities to probe the situation to avoid problems that could possibly throw the Aviation industry into an avoidable crisis

He said, “Today I boarded an Air-piece P47121 morning flight (8:45am) from Abuja to Lagos.

“Regrettably, the flight left Abuja and arrived Lagos without any luggage onboard the P47121 flight in the issue.

“Unfortunately the management of Air-Peace never informed any passenger that their luggage was not going to be on board the flight.

“It took much agitations and troubles from agitated passengers, sequel to their on-ground official’s refusal to give any meaningful explanation as to why they failed to convey our luggage’s onboard the flight, before one of their officials, one CHINONSO EZE, through the intervention of FAAN and NCAA officials, came to address us, over 1 hour after wherein, amongst other things he categorically stated that the aircraft in issue has weight restrictions issue hence it had to convey only passengers without the luggage’s of respective passengers

“Granted that Air-Peace Management had to subsequently convey our respective luggage’s to all the passengers through Arik, Dana and other airlines:

“The big question now lies in what weight restrictions related problems could Air-Peace aircraft be having?

“If the aircraft in issue is having some weight-related issues, how certain can we be that the lives of these numerous passengers who board their planes daily, particularly the aircraft in issue are not at risk?

“While the rage and agitations from different quarters were on as a result of the flight taking off without any passenger luggage, it was discovered that this has been a recurring issue for days, particularly this week.

“Whereas relevant officials of FAAN and NCAA came to address the agitated passengers, through whose intervention the management of the Air-Piece airline came to address the agitating minds in issue, what are the regulatory agencies doing to avert any looming air crash disaster looming should it be true that Air-Peace aircraft or the aircraft in issue is really having weight restrictions issues?

“Why would the NCAA and FAAN who are aware of this recurring problem allow the aircraft to still be in the skies?

“Should this weight restrictions issues pertaining to the Air-Piece aircraft in issue that conveyed all its passengers that boarded flight P47121 in issue remain unresolved and any colossal loss of lives associated to unworthy aircraft being allowed to continue flying on a daily basis, Air-Piece management would not only be the culpable one, rather the NCAA, FAAN and other regulatory bodies that knew of these failures but failed in their duties should be held responsible!!!

“I needed to speak out because I am a concerned Nigerian and was also affected in today’s Air-Peace flight P47121 no luggage carried with passengers incidence.

“The authorities should take prompt action now before it becomes too late and the aviation industry is thrown into another avoidable crisis.”

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