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Nigerian Revolutionaries And The Fear Of Death


To set the records straight, it is pertinent to start this submission with demystification of the myth of “peaceful revolution”. Revolution, by it’s own nature, is basically effecting a regime change by the masses led by key revolutionaries defying every conventional principles and ethos of morality.

Realising that their oppressors would never willingly relinquish power, these agents of change are left with the only option of employing whatever technique feasible and likely to produce results bearing in mind that their dreams, freedom and even life is strictly put in the line.

Little wonder then that most revolutions are bloody as failure would see the ringleaders being ruthlessly dealt with. Hence, these advocates of rebellion against oppression already have their life and comfort jettisoned for the cause of Justice and equity.

For them, it is a call to which they must answer and if death comes calling, they would gladly soldier on to meet the goddess of Justice as heroes.

If any revolution is to succeed, if those championing for the change of the status quo are seriously after it, emotions have to be thrown to the waste bin and morality brutally sacrificed on the altar of Justice, as captured by Karl Max in his masterpiece “communist manifesto” The greatest impediment to the realization of the communist dreams and ideals is excessive moralising.

Evidently shying away from the consequences of been dubbed a rebel, our freedom fighters down here decided to subtly evolve a new type of revolution: peaceful revolution.

As expected, all of these demonstrations had always failed abysmally to produce results, as the presidency, mindful of the cowardly nature of those demonstrating, deploys heavy security personnel to disperse them.

In few hours, these “advocates of change” who had earlier sworn by Ogun to give their all to the cause is seen scampering for safety.

Subsequently, the revolution base shifts to the internet and mainstream media houses, with the their key leaders who escaped arrest blasting the government and accusing them of brutality and other democratic crimes.

The security agents, having delivered the mission of their pay Masters, would respond with a Stern threat to deploy even more ruthless measures in dealing with anybody “arousing public sentiment against constituted authority”.

With this, the revolution which once rent the public space and shook the cyberspace is buried forever and the political narrative returns to square one. At worse, the arrowheads would be secretly “settled” without the knowledge of their fans.

On release, they would convene a meeting or address their followers in the media on the need to pause and restrategise.

It was little wonder then that the revolution now protest was a failure. In fact, it had failed before it even began Leadership disagreement had forced the northern group to pull out days earlier.

Organisational lapses then became the final nail in the coffin of the protest. It was a strategic blunder for Sowore and his colleagues to blow the war trumpet before the ad inbello (before the war).

I wonder what gives Sowore and his cliques the impression that any government would fold her arms and watch her being swept out of power. Sowore’s blunder can be likened to a coup plotter divulging his plans weeks before execution.

Protesters of this magnitude, just like coup plotter, ought to have kept their cards to their chest if they are serious about it. Probably, the top guns among them were beclouded by the publicity stunt likely to be achieved that they became blind to the gravity of what they were about undertaking.

On the eve of the protest, the expected happened. Sowore was bundled up by the police so as to create a leadership chasm in the group.

Even though the protest went on as planned, it was a wild goose chase as security agents quelled it in a matter of a few hours with other leaders arrested.

If we want a revolution, we have to be honest about it first by admitting that it cannot be achieved without bloodshed. Lasting peace is only achieved on the altar of blood.

We must be ready to die for a cause we believe in. The task of a engendering an enduring tranquility can only be achieved with doggedness and resilience even at the point of death.

If we really want to secure a great future for our children and generations yet unborn, then we have to pay with our blood.

In the words of rouke: “We make war to have peace”.

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