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Nigerian Soldiers Are Humans Just Like You – Unknown Soldier


We the Nigerian soldiers are normal human beings like every other Nigerians, we eat, excrete, fall sick, bleed, love, get injured while in battle.

We are aware of our human nature before we were enlisted into the military. Knowing the consequence and danger ahead of us we still took up arms to defend our nation even if it means losing out lives.

The greatest thing that affects every soldier, brigade, Unit, Command and Battalion, is when we lose our Moral and resilience to fight. Every soldier in the world is demoralized when they lose the zeal and passion to fight.

This is why we plead to all Nigerians to help us win this battle against Boko Haram insurgence by abstaining from reports that can demoralize soldiers in the battle field and those who are about joining their fellow comrades too.

We need your moral and spiritual support always as both soldiers and Nigerian citizens we are all defenders of our country Nigeria

Some information (Intel) about the army operations are not released to the general public for national security reasons and also for our safety, it’s doesn’t mean the Nigerian Army is lying or hiding information from Nigerians.

Please help the Nigerian soldiers to build a constant MORAL & MENTAL support, so as to enable them defend our country fearlessly with optimum resilience.

Please give information of any suspicious persons to any local authority, Police, Civil Defense and the Nigerian army barracks nearest to you, that little information might save so many live

We will never let you down as we fight the the death to make our country a peaceful one for us all.

God bless the Nigerian army.

God bless all Nigerians 

God bless the federal republic of Nigeria

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