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Nigerians Adore Looting and Looters

The Nigerian may appear to detest his elite class but in reality, he adores and worships him.

The Nigerian may appear to detest his elite class but in reality, he adores and worships him.
Behind closed doors, well, sometimes, even in the open, your typical Nigerian will verbally devour members of the elitist-political establishment with unprintable vitriols and blame them for the atrociously terrible condition they have left the country in
Secretly, these same Nigerians aspire to wine and dine with these same people they like to hate.
You see photo-ups and selfies of the same Nigerians with the same elitist people they claim to detest.
Same photos are posted on social media with self-importance and self-worth-exaggerated captions mostly to show off to friends and acquaintances and to attract the usual “Keep soaring”….”The sky is your limit”…..”You are going places”… write-ups and comments on the comment section of the ensuing threads of these commoner-elitist photos.
The idea is to show the people that you have arrived or that you will be arriving soon and will be taking your place among the elite.
How can it be that success or the yardstick used for measuring success is derived from such standards as those of these same people we fundamentally detest and consider as the reprehensible casual elements of our woes?
We detest the status quo so much and call it all sorts of names, but still cringe at the idea of changing the status when we begin to feel like we might be invited to come and start eating from the same status quo.
I guess Governmental HIERARCHIES in a very prebendal polity like ours are perceived as inherently evil when we are not benefiting from it selfishly. Othwersie, IT IS GAME ON for us as soon as we start benefiting directly.
You meet a federalist today who will swear that the unitary structure can never produce anything good but will go for a ministerial position under the same unitary structure? IRONIC! and HYPOCRITICAL!
Are we angry that we are not the ones doing the stealing, corruption, mismanagement, looting and…. or we are really angry at the way the system is being run?… The later cannot be the case judging by our attitude towards this same elitist entities when we have a one-on-one with them. We tend to be overwhelmed and as such, portray our true intentions.
How many Nigerians can boldly ask these guys REAL questions on a chanced meeting with them?
Very few.
We would rather start asking them for personal favors.

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