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Nigerians blast Deeper Life School over boy’s gang-rape for bedwetting


Nigerians have taken to various platforms to lambast Deeper Life Boarding High School, Uyo campus in Akwa Ibom State, over the gang-rape of an eleven-year-old boy who was molested and gang-raped for bedwetting.

The young chap’s woes began with the school authorities punishing and starving him for bedwetting offences.

Not done with that, the authorities transferred him to the seniors’ hostel where he was reportedly raped and molested by Senior Secondary School (SS2) students.

An analyst contributed the following on condition of anonymity:

I want to understand this. A boy was sent to school. Boarding school. Ok. Deeper Life Boarding School. Boys, his fellow students gang-raped him, made him suck and swallow their semen.

The mother came out, crying, wailing over her son’s plight and predicaments.  Now, you fools on social media are asking why is she bringing it out on social media. She should have sorted it out with the school management and keep quiet. Are you this dumb and religiously stupid?

The reason is because Church is being mentioned, automatically she should keep quiet. They even attributed her as satanic personified— a way Devil is attacking their Church. Ndị ara a gbara ọgwụ n’isi ha apụọ ahịa Ọgbete. They even removed her from their PTA WhatsApp group. Kai.

The same people will roast anyone or call one rape apologist when a few questions are being asked regarding rape accusation.

Do you know that Deeper Life members on Facebook are on the movement of reporting every comments about this issue to Facebook. Facebook has suspended a lot of my friends because of this. I mean a whole lot. Aren’t these folks doing this, evil? I don’t mind if they report my own account. Highest I go jail here and come back in the next 30 days. Some religious folks are evil.

On this case, the boy’s face was even displayed. Are you this heartless? Put yourself in that woman’s shoes. If he were your son, brother would you  have taken it likely with anyone? The small boy was vomiting semen. Ọbara ọcha.

Now let me be plain without censoring anything. You see all this religious self-acclaimed righteous people who always see others as the children of devil, they are the real devilish and heartless individuals. Take this or leave it. It’s only a darkened heart full of evil will blame that woman for crying out over the rape of her son. Not just rape, a rawara the boy ike not in a street, but a religious school.

I have had male friends who told me their experiences in the missionary schools, especially boy’s schools. Some ladies into full lesbianism will tell you how it started and those who introduced them into it— some, rape. You will be shocked. Let’s not pretend we don’t know all this and how some religious male leaders rape the minor. But the congregation of ndị e riri eri will rather go into prayer spree to pray for those who raped their sons through the anus. How can you rape my son and subject me to pray for you? I will shoot your stupid and useless ass. Ka m nụkwa don’t judge.

A lot of boys have been raped by their fellow boys but shame wouldn’t let them speak up. People will laugh at them or make jest of them. I have written about a priest who raped a boy, when the matter was coming up, he was transferred to another parish and later sent abroad. 

May we not allow religion to take away the best part of our humanity and reasoning. Stop defending evil because your denomination is involved. Arụ na-eme! Those in missionary boarding schools will tell you better. Our parents still think kids are going there to learn the way of Onyenweanyị. Unfortunately, those who supposed to teach them are taking away the better part of humanity from them. If I should share the experiences I know here, or the ones people told me as their personal experiences,  everywhere will burst.

For now, let me pause. But please, allow that woman to do her thing. Evil is evil. If you support evil because your religion is the perpetrator of it, may it follow you anywhere you go. It’s high time people start living their own life with reasoning than dwelling in gullibility and programmed lifestyle. Start using your head and activate your humanity. Stop fighting to cover up evil. It will follow you. Remember the adage, when you point a finger at one, the four fingers reverse to you.

Another analyst wrote:

I watched the boarding school video and it opened up old wounds, I’m shocked that I’ve not shared Chidera’s story here.

Chidera is our family friend’s third son, the dog we have now was given to us by his elder brother. He was healthy when they sent him to a Catholic boarding school and he came back crippled. This happened before the lockdown and till this moment, Chidera is crippled. His spinal cord was badly damaged by a senior student.

Chidera’s brothers all went to my school, Regina Caeli High school Enugu state after their mum made enquiries through me and fell in love with the school. Chidera was sent to RCHS too but was later taken to a boarding school because his mum felt he was too stubborn and she saw the church boarding school as a correctional facility. You know? It’s church so they would likely train him better.

Then one day, a senior student called him into an empty class, locked him up and told him to lie flat. He did and the senior used a log of wood to hit his spine mercilessly. He cried, begged, fought for freedom but he was too little for him. When he finally found help, he was badly hurt, the senior student ran away. They called his parents and he was rushed to the hospital.

Till today, he can’t walk, he can’t sit, he can’t do anything. He tried using crutches but he just couldn’t. The last time we saw him, he was looking yellowish, his mum said he lacked blood and they had to take him to the hospital for blood transfusion.

So, literally, the only thing they did to the senior student that damaged this boy is just put all the hospital bills on him and his family. They are to pay all the bills, just that? And for the sake of the church and the image they have built, the whole thing should die in closed doors.

I’m raged!!!

Why should something like this be happening in schools with supposed high moral standard and costly school fee. With principal, vice principal, house master one, house master two, too many useless school directors.

Where’s the moral they are teaching the kids? What differentiates them from public government owned schools?

Why is the senior student not resting in Kirikiri prison?

Why is he allowed to live his life like every normal person?

Why do they die matters like that too easily like protecting their personality is more important than the life of a child put in their care?

Right now, I don’t even know if Chidera will survive that, even if he does, he is crippled for life!

A lot of boarding schools owned by churches are dysfunctional!

Someone has to say it!

Keep religious sentiments and bigotry aside.

Regardless whose ass is being gorged, a spade remains a spade and not a garden too or its likes.

Justifying or possibly trying to cover up a blatant truth just so “Religion” won’t be dragged to the mud is sick. If crying out openly to express dissatisfaction about a sorry state of affairs in Christendom will dent its image, I’m not sorry, I will do that if I’m in Mrs Deborah Okezie’s shoe.

Enough is enough!

Enough of the silence because touch not my anointed!

Someone is crying bitterly about her child’s mental, physical and emotional health torn into pieces and you’re more concerned about the image of your church, are you okay?

Yet another contributor:

I don’t understand why people are against the boy being made to go viral in the video.

When you post birthday pics of your kids on FB you don’t mind it going viral and announcing him to the world and you don’t even think it may not protecting his interest.

You post pictures of minors on social media receiving awards without their permission and you don’t think it may not be protecting his interest.

You post videos of child dedication, dancing competitions even those singing FEM which all went viral and you don’t think that you’re not protecting their interest.

7year old weight lifter and 9 year old highest paid YouTuber all went viral and some of us sent their congratulations across to them and yet we don’t think such videos may not protect their interest and the list goes on….

If that video didn’t go viral with the child in it. You and I would never believe the rot going on in this day boarding houses and don’t think same won’t happen to your child because he/she isn’t in a boarding school. You won’t even show empathy and would probably just read and pass.

I’m not really concerned about it being a deeper life church. What bothers me is that the perpetrators of to to this evil act is OUR children whose parents may be on this platform and will cover up for them or bribe their way over the case just to get their child uninvolved and their reputation “intact”. Oh! how we have failed woefully as parents.

If your child have  Android phones/iPhones and you’re telling yourself that he/she doesn’t watch porn, you’re telling yourself a lie. PARENTS, LETS TRAIN OUR CHILDREN. Nigeria is not America. Each offense over there has its consequence as provided by the law which guides them in their actions unlike here.

“A word is enough for the wise”.

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