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Nigerians Blast Obidigwe For Social Media Activist—Eneh’s Kidnap, Torture


From Aisha Edward:

Chinedu Obidigwe; What Goes Around Comes Around. Stop Oppressing The Non Indigenes In Anambra State

The author, Aisha Edward

Your recent Police action on Mr Victor Eneh, the administrator of AIF media, simply amounts to ‘shooting yourself in the leg.’

Victor Eneh is more popular and powerful than what you will ever dream of, as he Eneh enjoys quite a large number of followers with his media platform that has been ‘the sting or the honey’ of many politicians in Anambra State, depending on how you see it.

But Chinedu Obidigwe has only been of recent, a political upstart and a parvenu. Your chances at representing Anambra East/West in the Federal Legislature is in serious jeopardy by this foolhardiness. Must I remind you that presently, you enjoy the unpopular position, as the most hated man in Anambra State by your gangsterism style of politicking ”Ochaa si gbute, ocharo si gbute” style of politics?

How can you claim to enjoy the popular support of the youths, when you can’t properly differentiate between engaging in reasonable argument as a means to enlighten the public whom you are fighting so desperately to represent and resorting to a ‘Gestapo’ kind of treatment, in order to settle political and personal scores?

PMB, when challenged to prove the authenticity of his certificate, never traumatize his accusers with state forces. Such nonsensical absurdities can only be found with your assemblies of Chinedu Obidigwe’s touts and foot soldiers dominant in online media and offline thuggery.

Is this the kind of leaders Anambra East/West Constituency grooms? Will the sensible youths in this constituency not read the ”hand writing on the wall?” That Chinedu Obidigwe is out to rape our Collective Morality and Commonwealth and common sense?

Will they sell their bright future for a mess of porridge and crumbs that fall of from Emperor Obidigwe’s Table?

The issue at hand is purely a civil one, and needs ”amamife ndi okenye” to handle, since he claimed that he is a titled man and representatives of Aguleri traditional ruling cabinet and yet this fellow is quietly proving to us that he is more brutish than Abacha. We must reserve for him, the history book we kept Abacha in.

Mr Chinedu Obidigwe, has in time past, carried out some appalling, senseless and diabolical campaign of calumny against respected personalities, like HE Peter Obi tagging him murder and thief, and Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah tagging him a 419 who has no certificate to contest any election, including my humble self-tagging me all kinds of offensive and unprintable names like “Scammer” through his Social Media thugs.

Neither was Obidigwe and his boys ever harassed or hounded into detention by the Police or other security outfits. Same man who Publicly arranged some lazy youths, carrying placards with ignoble inscriptions targeting the person of HE Peter Obi?

If you the infamous Otimkpili have any grievance with Victor Eneh, then take him to court and sweat it out with him there, rather than this your Sickening and worsening ‘mafiaso’ image, you are forcing us to notice.

A word of advice to our Politicians, ”stop destroying other people’s hard earned respect and reputation by propagating falsehood against their persons, you might become the latest victim soon.”

Chinedu Obidigwe must come out with a sound and proper defense to these stinking allegations, since he is now in public glare, and contesting to occupy a Federal House of Representative seat, and not his ”umunna” or Aguleri traditional Cabinet Chairmanship.

Chinedu Obidigwe will save himself further embarrassment by tendering a warm apology to Mr Victor Eneh, his Family and Anambra East/West Constituency, and all non indigenous citizens living in Anambra State.

Institutions of Powers are created for public safety, and must not be toyed by such political ‘akanogoli’ as Chinedu Obidiegwu.

Please Join the online protest and Share this as a sign of protest and displeasure on the injustice meted on Eneh Victor Chigozie

#Justice for Eneh Victor Chigozie

#Justice for Non Indigenes living in Anambra State.

Aisha Edward

Eneh Victor Chigozie

From Frankhill Okudo Cfr:

On The Kidnapping By Chinedu Obidigwe And His Thugs

The author, Frankhill Okudo Cfr

I wish to express my dismay and apprehension over this spate of intimidation, harassment and thuggery by Chinedu Obidigwe against Eneh Victor Chigozie , who was later released by the Police with the intervention of some well-meaning Individuals.

This is Instigation, inspiringly provocative and must be condemned by every well-meaning Individuals. I wish to also reiterate that Social media activists in Anambra State are not for use as tools for causing disaffection and arm-twisting for some selfish and ignoble gains.

It is unfortunate and disheartening that the activities and rascalities of this house of representative aspirant by name Chinedu Obidigwe, has gone un-checked and keeps repeating itself without any due attention from the Governor Willie Obiano .

We must work together to defend, promote and protect the rights of every Anambra State Online Social media Activists. Let’s unite and denounce these Thuggery, Intimidation, Vilification, Humiliation and Castigation towards one of us. Let the shameless and cowardly villains be brought to book as soon as possible.

I am equally saddened, that some Policemen who their job is to protect and to serve Nigerians are being fingered, for conniving with Obidigwe thugs to carry out this dastardly act .

I therefore call on Civil Societies, Community leaders, Anambra State Online Social media Community and other related agencies to join in Condemning this malevolence in our State . We demand the immediate arrest and prosecution of those involved in this madness

It must not be tolerated.

This must not be swept under the carpet.

Justice for Eneh Victor Chigozie is what we demand and it’s not negotiable.

I won’t forget to thank the Boss of all Bosses, Dr Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah , Bonaventure Mokwe, Osisioma Igbo and all those that made it possible for Eneh Victor Chigozie to be released and taken to the hospital. May God bless and reward you abundantly .

Frankhill Okudo Cfr

Convener, Anambra Liberal Democrats

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