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Nigerians express concern about “Buhari’s dementia-inspired mental incapacity”


Farooq Kperogi wrote on Facebook: Every day gives proof of Buhari’s dementia-inspired mental incapacity

“Every day gives proof of Buhari’s dementia-inspired mental incapacity. Yesterday, during an interaction with APC youth, he took down notes during the Q & A session, but admitted that he didn’t know what he’d written and couldn’t answer the questions he was asked. He went off on a tangent and regurgitated the same sterile, predictable things he’d said in the past ad nauseam.”

Watch this video:

Now look at these photos: Buhari’s minders knew he wouldn’t remember what to say at this event, so they wrote it for him in bold print on a piece of paper. That’s like one minute’s worth of what to say, yet he wasn’t trusted to remember it. That’s why he hardly talks during campaign events. This man is a walking disaster. Anyone who wants him to continue for a second term is not only evil but an enemy of Nigeria and Nigerians.

Damilola Adams Wrote on Twitter:

Buhari was on NTA yesterday. Youths asked him questions & he wrote the questions, When it was time to answer, he could not remember any of the questions asked him. He stared at the note & said: “This thing that is written is not clear”. Fashola had to come to his rescue.

Interestingly, Buhari – who is known for his frank admissions – in 2014 told Nigerians he will be in office for only one term, and right after winning the 2015 presidential elections he admitted that old age will limit his abilities to act.

And Olutoyosi Omotoso has this to say about Atiku and Peter Obi: 1. Atiku and Obi were sitting comfortably apart. They each held their own. 2. Obi did not need to explain, translate or transmit any question to Atiku. They both came with their brains intact. 3. None pretended to jot down any question. Their short term memory was blinking green. 4. Each took the questions directed at him and did not answer for the other. 5. Verdict: LIFE

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