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Nigerians react to Buhari’s “I’ll take Nigeria to the next level”

Following the publication by The PUNCH on Twitter of President Muhammadu Buhari's promise to take Nigeria to the next level, Nigerians have reacted in divergent ways.

Following the publication by The PUNCH on Twitter of President Muhammadu Buhari’s promise to take Nigeria to the next level, Nigerians have reacted in divergent ways.

Read the reactions below:


We’re already in the level baba. Incase u don’t know hell is just 50 Naira away. Thank you


Next level of unemployment

Next level of indecision

Next level of inflation

Next level of appointing dead men

Next level of kidnapping

Next level of killings everywhere

Next level of economic downturn


E be like say na Battery dey Inside this man brain, he certainly is not the one saying this things.


Baba…is playing snake and ladder game… next level will be down level. Go get ur PVC and let’s vote baba out!!!!


Please baba Buhari don’t take us to any level above where we currently are. We have suffered enough sir. Seriously we can’t bear anything more than this. I take God beg you Mr President. If nah play make you stop am ooo


Nigerians don’t wanna go to that level oga Buhari… This level when you put us is okay Mr President…


Please tell @MBuhari we dont want his next level.


Which level if I may ask? Bubu just note that u will be going back to daura after the election of 2019. That’s ur next level.


Ejooo Biko..you have do eeh.


The level he don put us don do

Abeg we no do @MBuhari


Ha don wantu go.

Akkanot fit endure another level.

Take me back to ur day 0 in the office


In your lucid dream, listen #buhari we cannot guarantee you our trust. God is our next level. 2019 awaits you ehhhh


May the almighty God grant you all the strength needed to be able to take us to the next level in Jesus name


Amen if it’s Gods will for Nigeria


God will not elect a president for us. He has given us freewill and expects us to make right decisions with it. If we allow a grossly incompetent person to run our national affairs again, we will bear the consequences.


Sometimes our choice might not be right AND sometimz it might be wrong .


This is the level u put us into:

Fuel scarcity

Fulani herdsmen attacks


Weak naira

Food & fuel price hike



97% & 5% policy

Incompetent buhari at this moment, d only next level we nid; is for u to Gerara here!!


Bubu please e don do! Kindly drop us where you carried us from; because your definition of “next level” is anything but development.


Next level of poverty and unemployment?


loool….funny guy


Just like you took off from where Jonathan stopped by taking incompetence to the next level. You never halla


You don come again. This time with “next level” the other time with “change” mtchewwwwww


That means death cos we are already quater to go if you come back baba we are dead


Which level again na


We don’t want again o


@MBuhari. Thanks but no thanks. Just return us to our pre2015 level. You’ve done enough already.


Holy Ghost fire!!!!!


Baba please we beg you in God’s name to return us where you met us before you leave us come 2019. Forget that level please.


Up or down


You want to take Nigeria progressively backward abi? We have had enough already


Next level of what?


Stop this car, I want to come down


Buhari cannot revive the damage he has brought upon the country in the past 3yrs even if he rule Nigeria for the next 20yrs. He shouldn’t even think of re-election in 2019. Because he will take us to the next level of more hardship and killing of innocent Nigerians. Kai Buhari!


@MBuhari I don’t think so, u have taken Nigeria 20 yrs backward


We all no that before you tell us,but please we don’t need it  go back home


Buhari u must be a comedian…you should be doing shows with em Bovi and BasketMouth


We don die


Me after hearing @MBuhari say that. SMH for Nigeria


Next level of poverty and job losses. We reject it


Who is he taking to? Fulani herdsmen?


Sorry sir, It’s Game OVER!


best 2018 joke 


We want to remain  in this level you kept us please don’t move us to another  level. At this level 1 dollar is 400 one bag of rice is 20000 fuel is 200 per litre snake is swallowing money. Your brothers  are slaughtering people like chicken. Please leave us here.


Haha haha haha haha @MBuhari is a joke


This level is OK.  Thanks baba


I can’t believe this man is this desperate, shame on you


With the way you are leading ba? Let’s talk about that when we have 24 hours stable electricity, good education system, quality medicare that will make you have medicare in Nigeria not in London, motorable roads, jobs for the weak & strong…


Next level of a downward spiral….sure you can


I saw indigenous UAV made by NAF, we are already in d next level. Thanks PMB


When your fan club is praising you at the lowest low,likely there is twist definition of the next level.


Campaign strategy . Please beware oo. My PVC my vote


Mr President, plz take a look at these tweets and step aside.


return us to where you met us.


Next Level of poverty you mean


Please take us back to 2014


Next level of killing, inflation, high exchange rate, poverty, unemployment etc?


Well if that’s his plan he must have a super sub coming off the bench in the second half cos the first 45 minutes (4 years) yielded zero goals. I doubt that the fans will let the match go into the second half. Nice try though.


I don’t want


Too late Sir, maybe in your next world


I no go better 4 u mr president ! 


@NGRPresident  by allowing younger generation take the lead.


Resign ,your next level is go to daura re retire again na you don’t have the strength to carry on please resign you don try



Ha ha ha… Joke of the year. Ha ha ha ha @MBuhari @yemiosinbanjo @NGRPresident. Which next level? Is it the next level of nepotism and herdsmen attack?


Next level????




u hv impoverished nd disintegrated Nigerians already. May be sale Nigerians to Cotonu bcus Buhari is Nigerian nd Nigerian is Buhari .


That’s next level of destruction….


Next level of what exactly??  How about you forget about the next level and emulate Zuma..


The voice of the people is the voice of God, you are been advise not to contest. You are talking about next level. Which level are we now?


Next level of pain.


Pls Allah will help and guide you to make our country great with your good work .


We know how to get there ourselves..

Thanks for the offer but NO


What next level??? Nigeria is a mile away from Hell fire…


All those were trained with corrupted money and those reason not fit let see the good future coming ahead .


Next kinni? After all you don put us through?


Did you care to ask yourself what level you’ve put Nigerians in?

Perish the thought of taking Nigerians to the next stage of hardship.


Is that the new slogan…. we’ve seen change another level is what we will not experience…….Daura is calling.


Dear Buhari, you didn’t tell us the level you’re taking Nigeria to, we need to know Mr PRESIDENT… 


On behalf of the Nigerians, Am saying NO!!!! Unless you are the biblical Moses.


Take yourself to Daura sir


Which next level again, Abeg we’re okay with dis level we are.


I just consult my Oracle now,  but i was told that baba is lying.


You can’t do that Mr President…  We are tired of all this your stories..


U have done it already, when cows are now competing with vehicle on an express road.

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