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Nigerians React To Supreme Court Imo Verdict: History’ll be kind with Justice Nweze


Nigerians have reacted to the Supreme Court verdict on Imo State which affirmed the ouster of Hon, Emeka Ihedioha of the Peoples Democratic Party [PDP], expressing reservation on the judgement while wishing Justice C.C. Nweze well.

The court affirmed its declaration of Senator Hope Uzodinma as the winner of the March, 2020, governorship election held in the state.

Reating, Dame Carol Ajie, a constitutional Human Rights Lawyer, recalled that the “Supreme Court. Hon. Justice Dr. Nweze JSC in his dissenting Judgment upheld the Application of Kanu Agabi SAN and ordered that Hope Uzodinma shall vacate the seat forthwith.”

Dame Ajie, who was present at the apex court on Tuesday, noted that majority JJSC held today 3/3 that Uzodinma keeps the seat as Governor in a ruling that altogether took approximately an hour.

While answering some question from our report over the phone, she praised the courage of Justice Nweze who defied the odd and spoke out when it mattered.

Another commentator, Mr. Ikechukwu Emeka Onyia noted that “there are still courageous and incorruptible Justices at the Supreme Court.”

He said in a short essay:

“Justice Centus Nweze, disagreed with the lead verdict and gave a dissenting opinion that allowed Ihedioha’s application.

“Justice Nweze said he was satisfied that the judgement that declared Uzodinma winner was entered in error.

“He held that the apex court has a duty to in the interest of justice, set-aside its decision that was given in error.

“According to his dissenting opinion:

  • “Uzodinma cannot benefit from an election he wanted invalidated”
  • “Uzodinma misled this court into awarding him victory”
  • “Uzodinma should return his Certificate of Return to INEC which shall be reissued to Ihedioha”.

Speaking further on what he termed “the Imo dissenting judgement 2020”, he said that “history will be kind with Justice C Nweze.”

According to him, the truth is that Nigerians across ethnic and Religious divides, raised their voice in unity demanding for reversal of 14th January, 2020 Judgement on Imo State.

“That Supreme Court refused to reverse itself, will not remove courageous effort made by patriotic Nigerians towards restoring confidence on our Internation of Trust .

Mr. Onyia reminisced further on Nweze’s concluding statement: “The reasoning in the judgment will sooner or later haunt our electoral jurisprudence” and added:

“It is not just about Emeka Ihedioha or Imo State, but our Constitutional Democracy!”

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