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Nigerians to Buhari; change begins with you

President Muhammadu Buhari has said that before Nigerians demand to see the changes he promised them during the 2015 election, they must first change their own attitude by shunning corruption and other social vices.

He adds that change is not about economic or social progress, but it is in terms of citizens’ personal behaviour.

Buhari said this while delivering a speech at the inauguration of the national re-orientation campaign tagged, ‘Change Begins With Me’ in Abuja on Thursday.


Change Begins With Who?

‘Change Begins With Me’? No, biko! 

It should begin with you sir!

It should start with you, Mr. President, and then me!

You came with a promise of change

You should lead by example

Take the lead and we’ll follow

You tell us to tighten our belts and live like paupers while you and yours live like royals 

We eat like Lazarus and you feed like the rich man 

Show us that we are in this together

Let change start with you selling off ALL but one presidential jet

No ‘agent of change’ keeps 10 jets after 15 months in office while the populace struggle to live

Let’s start from there

Let’s cut the perks of public offices

And then may be:

Some first daughters stop flying first class

Some madam stops flaunting Hermes birkin bag

Some children of some government officials start attending Nigerian schools

We stop foreign medical tour 

And then the change will continue with me

And then we’ll belong together!

RKO, 09.09.16

Rufus Kayode Oteniya

“Let change start with a cogent explanation why Nigerian government needs 11 aircraft in a recession.

Let change start with the government explaining why it released N400bn for capital expenditure, with no project details.

Let change start with the reversal of illegal recruitment into government agencies that has got no action from the government. 

What is the government changing before asking you for change? Are the convoys less. Presidential fleet less?

The government wants everything, including change from citizens. What is it giving back? What is it sacrificing? Nigerians need to change, but it starts with its leadership showing the right example.” – BudgetIT

The ball is in your court – CACOL slams Buhari over ‘Change Begins With Me’ campaign

The Coalition Against Corrupt Leaders, CACOL, has frowned at the slogan of the national re-orientation campaign tagged, ‘Change Begins With Me’ launched in Abuja on Thursday, saying the project is aimed at blaming Nigerians who are only victims of the mode of governance perpetrated by the incurably corrupt political class that has held on tenaciously to political power in the country till date.

Your Excellency Sir, Change starts with you………..Kelechi

Change was your idea not ours.

Change was your manifesto, we do not have a manifesto

Change was your mantra, not ours

Change was your magic word

Change starts with you.

We did not vote us into power…

We voted you into power because we bought into your Change mantra.

Change you sold.

Change we bought.

And Change we want.

Change we can touch, Change we can feel, Change we can relate with, and Change that has a human face. And we want it from you.

Show the light, we will find the way.

In 1937, when the Great Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe( Owelle Osowanya Onitsha) launched The West African Pilot newspaper. He chose a very special motto for it.

“Show the light and the people will find the way”.

Zik knew leadership is everything.

The very idea that ‘Change’ starts with the led and not the leadership can be best described as an abdication of responsibility by the leadership.

Lee Kuan Yew is an evident testimony that change can only be effectively and efficiently launched top down. He enumerated everything succinctly in his well received book, From the Third World, to the First World. Singapore today is a living testimony to that.

Your Excellency Sir, show the light, and the people will find the way!


===Kelechi Deca


how can a president neck deep in nepotism demand I show Nigeria more love? Am I missing something here?

=== Joseph Okwudili

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