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Nigerians urge Buhari to focus on economy

Nigeria’s Punch newspaper has been asking organisations what they think President Buhari should be focusing on as he resumes his duties.

Nigeria Labour Congress General Secretary Dr Peter Ozo-Eson said the government should move forward with plans for a new minimum wage.

He said:

The challenges facing the country remain the same. The economy is at the top of it. The government needs to tackle the economy and see how to get it out of recession. Within that framework, we believe that with the suffering of Nigerians, policies need to be deployed quickly to ensure that it is reduced, that inflation is controlled.”

The president of the Nigerian Voters Assembly organisation, Masud Erubami, said the president should redouble anti-corruption efforts:

The president should show in his speeches and body languages that he had healthily returned as the true Buhari that we knew by displaying his distaste for corruption and from the way it is being currently handled.”

However a former House of Representatives member, Dr Junaid Mohammed, told the newspaper that he thought there would be a clash between Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo and people close to Mr Buhari over the exercise of presidential powers.

Dr Mohammed said that although Mr Buhari had returned to Nigeria he was not likely to be exercising the “full, awesome powers of the president” and Mr Osinbajo would continue to carry out some of his functions.

He said:

“The whole idea of this indecent haste to rush back Mr President to Nigeria and make sure that he assumes his full executive powers in this situation is nothing but the intrigue of the cabal, especially those who are his personal relations and cronies.

“If they realise they are not happy with the new arrangement, whereby the president is there physically but the powers are being exercised by somebody else, there is likely going to be a lot of trouble for sure.”

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