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Nigeria’s Looming Genocidal Horrors, Brutalities, Anarchy and War

Written by Paul I. Adujie Esq.


This is being written with a heavy heart and sorrow. This may very well be a dirge for Nigeria!

Nigerians are rapidly, quickly and speedily driving Nigeria towards an epochal cliff and precipice to happily fall to oblivion!

Nigerians, many of them, are currently doing everything illogically possible to make Nigeria become what Afghanistan, Somalia, Iraq, Libya and Syria have become in recent years; quickly sadly, sadly in the most extreme sense.

Any reasonable human being would have thought that Nigerians, upon being familiar with the dire human conditions which have persisted in Afghanistan, Somalia, Iraq, Syria, Libya and the Central African Republic in recent history, would do, all, any, and every, thing, to avoid a repeat in Nigeria, the cataclysmic events which led to the continuing catastrophes and tragedies in these aforementioned failed nations!

Too many Nigerians are unwittingly asking for the sorts of genocides which took place in Rwanda and Darfur Sudan, some two decades ago. These Nigerians are literally begging for genocidal horrors, brutalities, anarchy, civil war and the ultimate disintegration of Nigeria, while pretending not to see the consequences and unintended consequences of their pronouncements and actions?

Nigerians and Nigeria are (not merely sleepwalking), but sleep-sprinting towards a free-fall-off, of the face of the earth!

The Rwandan genocide will be a seeming picnic or child’s play, in comparison to the looming genocide, horrors, brutalities, anarchy, war and disintegration which may consume Nigeria

When, as it happens, a crime is committed against a Nigerian, a group of Nigerians from the ethnic group of the victim of crime, picks at random, a person from the ethnic group of the ALLEGED perpetrator(s)’s ethnic group, and cavalierly slaughters him, without care for law, due process and certainty of guilt, then, such a society is begging for genocide!

The Rwandan genocide of 1994 was consequent upon ethnic hatred, and killings and revenge, vendetta and reprisal killings which consumed thousands of Hutus and Tutsis! There were no winners in the aftermath of the ethnic bloodbath in Rwanda!

Quite unfortunately and disgustingly, like play, like play as Nigerians say in local parlance, Nigerians are excitedly demanding and insisting on repeating the Hutus and Tutsis barbarically disgusting blood bath festivals of killings, whether to see and determine, what group of Nigerians can slaughter the other group more?

Nigerians are, on a daily basis, engaging in appallingly reprehensible, repugnant and unjust ethnic bashing, ethnic demonization, ethnic stereotyping and ethnic stigmatization of the Fulani ethnic group, without circumspection or reflection.

Nigerians are behaving like unreasoned drunks in their haste to cast aspersions on the Fulani ethnic group, in hasty generalizations, in which all Fulani are lumped together as guilty for all kidnappings, robberies and sundry insecurities, which are occurring nationwide in Nigeria, while making President Muhammadu Buhari as the poster-boy of Fulani criminalities, as an enabler, protector and patron, all at once!

All of these, because of the Fulani are Fulani and President Muhammadu Buhari is himself, a Fulani!

It must be a tough time to be a Fulani in Nigeria and in the world!

But why are thousands of Nigerians engaging in these group think? Why are thousands of Nigerians indulging in this dangerous herd’s mentality? Forgive me for the pun that fit! But, the truth is my witness, there is so much group-think or herds mentality currently going on in Nigeria, unbridled, and unmitigated!

It is nonsensical magical thinking by the thousands of Nigerians, perhaps millions? of Nigerians who appear to live in alternate universe who are adamant in insisting on their claimed knowledge of Fulani involvement and or absolute ownership of Nigeria’s current widespread kidnappings, armed robberies, criminalities and nationwide insecurities, and yet, same multitudes are unable to pinpoint and or lead police and other law enforcement agencies to these notoriously vicious Fulani Herdsmen….

The next day, the next week and the next month, these same fraudulent and disingenuous narratives are repeated by Nigerian politicians, pastors, journalists and even some Nigerians in law enforcement agencies, without sanctions or consequences for false accusations of crimes, heinous crimes, carte blanche against the Fulani!

There is a call by former President Olusegun Obasanjo for a National Conference to discuss pervasive, pervading and spiraling-sprawling insecurities nationwide. Really? What is the job description of our politicians in the National Assembly? Why can’t Senators and the House of Representatives members discuss this Urgent Matter of National Importance? What is the job of the National Council of States? What is the job of the President and the Governors’ Forum? Constitutional amendments are all it takes! It is revealed that the just sworn in senators and house of representatives members have, upon arriving in Abuja at the National Assembly, received a so-called “welcome package” of 35 and 25 million Naira respectively, but cannot debate and solve Nigeria’s presently overwhelming nationwide insecurities?

Henceforth, any Nigerian, private citizen or public official, who reports crime, with ethnic variable or ethnic colorations must be required to report details of such ethnic characteristics leading to the conclusions, as such, that the perpetrator(s) is adequately, accurately and properly described.

Police officials must be required to find lawbreakers and criminals and solve criminal activities. The police must cease and desist labeling any ethnic group as responsible for particular crime or types of crimes.

The Nigerian Press, electronic, print and social media journalists must be required to restrain themselves from giving ethnic labels to any crime or particular sets of crimes, as a crime committed solely or mostly by a particular ethnic group.

Furthermore, all Nigerian private citizens, public officials, police officers and journalists in traditional, and, or social media, will be subject to sanctions and punishment(s) if and when the mentioned categories of persons, or class of persons refer to Nigerians accused of crime(s) with ethnic or linguistic appellations or togas.

There should be a Nigerian law, with nationwide application, a law against ethnic-bigotry, ethnic race-baiting, or any discrimination or crimes which is motivated by a Nigerian’s origins, such as local government, ethnic or linguistic and state, region of origins, or religion practiced or language spoken etc. There should a Hate Crime Law in Nigeria, it will sanction and punish violators who attack the “otherness” of fellow Nigerians! The citizenship of any Nigerian should have equal value throughout the nooks and crannies of Nigeria, with Full Faith and Credit, just as the One Naira, a unit of our national currency command equal value throughout Nigeria!

Evans was notorious for committing kidnapping in a serial or marathon manner. It is therefore gross injustice to decent and hardworking citizens of Igboland to refer to Evans, as the Igbo Kidnapper!

Similarly, Lawrence Anini was a notorious armed robber in Nigeria some decades ago. It is obviously provocatively unfair and unjust, to all hardworking decent Edo citizens from Edo, when Anini is referred to as the Edo armed robber!

Similarly, it is extremely vexing to all reasonable persons, all reasonable Nigerians, particularly, decent and hardworking Fulani anywhere, as thousands of Nigerians have cultivated the absolutely disgusting and repulsive habit of referring to every kidnap in Nigeria as committed by Fulani Herdsmen, be it in Edo, Emuoha/Rumuji in Rivers State or somewhere in Ekiti and Ondo States!

Nigerians should join me, in tasking our national government, states and local government officials to give Police, Army, Navy, Air Force, State Security Service, Nigerian Civil Defense Service etc the equipment, money and all the resources to enforce our laws objectively.

Nigerians need to put the collective feet of these Law Enforcement Agencies to the fire! We need to demand and insist, as an extremely urgent manner, the matter of national insecurities, which has now assumed an existential threat to Nigerian continued existence as a single corporate sovereign entity nation state!

Nigerian Security Apparatuses should be given all the resources they need, and then, be tasked with solving our national insecurities and promptly. Nigerian governments at all levels, should monitor performance and outcomes of Nigerian Law Enforcement Agencies with rewards, and or punishments accordingly.

The Nigerian landscape is currently littered with a million roadblocks, police obstacle courses at every mile, and yet, there are kidnappings everywhere!

It is one of two things, the police officers have allowed themselves to be distracted and detracted from their official functions, with their underpaid, ragtag outfits or, our police officers are in conspiracies, connivance and collusions outright with kidnappers, armed robbers and sundry purveyors of our current national insecurities nationwide!

Commissioners of Police and Divisional Police Officers should be held accountable, punished or rewarded for effectiveness and efficiencies or absences of same, in their command or areas and jurisdictions of authority.

It is the case that, presently, policing in Nigeria is hodgepodge and nonsensically reliant on over politicizations and manipulations by local thieving and thuggish politicians. Nigerians are aware of some pastors that have police officers escorting them to church and journeys to extramarital rendezvous, instead of law activities in the communities!

Community policing is certainly not police officers in uniforms, with guns and tear gas etc holding umbrellas over the heads of pastors, to shield from rains or sunlight! Nigerians have given Nigerian police free-rides, Nigerians have given our police plentiful get-out-of-jail-cards!

Our police should solve crimes and not give us excuses, and we must STOP giving our police excuses and cover, with pointing fingers at easy or political targets! Nigerians must view all kidnappers, armed robbers and fraudsters with equal displeasure and disdain! Criminals are CRIMINALS .They are not Igbos, Yoruba, Tiv, Kanuri, Esan or Urhobo!

Though state governors are the so-called Chief Security Officers of a given state, they appear to exploit police operations as an intimidation tool, and when and where that is not the case, some state governors are in constant battles and conflicts with police commands in the state governed by such a governor.

One of the old arguments against the establishment of state police in Nigeria, was that, such state police might be misused by the local politicians and might be ethnicized. This would be problematic in a multiparty system. The Nigeria Police force is presently all these, despite the federalization or federal status of Nigeria Police!

The American model, after which the Nigerian democracy and constitutionalism is modeled, has multilayered policing practiced to the letter! Every local government, known as County, has its’ police. There are State Police or Troopers, then, Highway Police, followed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation or FBI. Furthermore, there is the Bureau of Firearms and Tobacco, ther presidential protection force known as the Secret Service, then, there is the Postal Police of the United States Postal Service.

In New York State for instance, you will find, the above named United States policing departments, and in addition, New York State Troopers and Highways Police, New York Police Department with policing limited to only the 9 million citizens of New York City, as opposed to the 20.4 million citizens of the entire state of New York with localized police departments in all counties or local governments.

New York City also maintains a branch of the New York Police Department (NYPD) which is dedicated solely to housing, known as Housing Police, and yet, another branch of the NYPD which is dedicated solely to policing in the trains or Mass Transit systems, which includes the Subways and surface train lines and buses.

A nation without law and order, a nation with multiple levels of insecurity, cannot expect economic development. A nation with these plethora or myriad insecurities fosters underdevelopment.

Nigerians cannot expect economic development and prosperity, in the midst of a million security uncertainties. Nigeria cannot receive investments from Nigerians at home or abroad, or from so-called Foreign Direct Investors as the profound absence of public infrastructures and basic amenities such as electricity and water, roads, bridges, trains and airports are compounded by kidnappings and robberies.

No investors or tourists will consider kidnappings and armed robberies as attractions or magnets. In fact, a majority of Nigerians are afraid of travels within Nigeria. In view of such clear and present danger in Nigeria to Nigerians, how can Nigeria hope to make these multiple variables of negative factors be considered inviting to a-would-be investor or tourist in Nigeria?

Nigerians and Nigeria are minutely starring at looming anarchy, war, disintegration brought about by plentiful insecurities nationwide. There is still time to wake up, there may be no tomorrow!

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