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Nigeria’s Unity Is Indivisible, Says US Based Cleric

Bishop Julus Abiola of Christ Bible Church in the United States  of America (USA), has disclosed that Nigerian’s unity is indivisible.

According to him, keeping Nigeria one is something that a lot of people have paid the price for both   military, spiritual and political.

Abiola who was speaking to journalist immediately after the 11th Steward Conference of Peace  way ministries aka Shalom Assembly in Yola, the Adamawa state capital.

“What we are going through now as a nation, America went through at different times in history, yet they are still standing strong”, He stated

The man of God maintained that Nigeria is not going to break, adding I don’t see it in the horizon, God has brought us together as one for a purpose, and we shall accomplish it.

Abiola said he support the idea of the younger generation taking over the helm of affairs in the country.

“ I believe so much that it is time for the younger generation to be involved in government, we should take the backseat and allow the youth to rule”, He stated.

The US based cleric also recommended that the age of political office holder should be reduce in order to create more room for the younger generation.

He however lamented that our leaders are selfish, stressing that they are only concerned about themselves.

The President is working,  but  we need to see and feel  more dividend of democracy.

By Tom Garba, Yola

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