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NINAS offers truce to youth “miscreants” in Igbo land & South-South

By Ndidi Uwechue


The Lower Niger Bloc, that is, the South-South and South-East (Igbo land) is in desperate need of rescue from the various sources of deadly violence that is tormenting that Bloc. In the midst of the chaotic mix of violence, there is a voice of reason and peace calling out.

That voice belongs to the NINAS Movement, guided by the Lower Niger Congress (LNC). LNC-NINAS with an irresistible and thrilling future for our youth in mind, has come out with a Plan that young people will like.

That Plan was described in a video communiqué by the LNC’s Secretary-General on 28 July 2021 titled, “Nigeria: A Society At War And NINAS Framework For Truce”.

I want young people to understand this Plan well so I will use a key event in history to help. Let us cast our minds back to the society that was in Israel during the early part of the first century AD. At that time, the land of the Jews was occupied by a foreign power, the Romans.

Jewish kings and rulers were puppets of the Romans, and were their “willing tools”, oppressing their own people. The Romans had hijacked the self-determination of the Jews, and this of course brought about resentment and agitations for freedom eg the Zealots who rebelled against Roman governance.

The Jews were little more than slaves in their own land, and had to pay tribute to Rome. Being oppressed, and kept deliberately poor by the Romans meant that there were much frustrations and crime in that society. On a certain Friday, two “malefactors” ie “miscreants” were to be crucified on either side of the Man called Jesus.

Although they were criminals, society under Roman oppression had pushed them into offending. Despite their crimes, God remembered mercy. The two miscreants even at the point of death, were shown mercy if they were willing to take it. One of the miscreants gratefully accepted the mercy held out, and we read in Scripture that he went to Paradise.

Similarly, mercy is being offered the various “miscreants” in the Lower Niger Bloc. LNC-NINAS recognises that the unjust and corrupting society created and maintained by the imposed and illegitimate 1999 Constitution has affected the peoples in our Bloc, and made some young people to turn to crime, out of frustration and fear.

The relationship between inequality, injustice and violence is well established. That 1999 Constitution creates inequality and marginalisation, and such an environment means that indigenous young people most especially, because they have the future ahead of them, are the biggest VICTIMS of society and of that 1999 Constitution.

The kind of extreme economic, educational, and social inequalities in our Bloc creates tension between those that have and those that do not have. Those that lack would feel resentment and hopelessness that can lead them to commit crimes such as theft, robbery, kidnapping, unknown gun men, etc. (NOTE: no part of this article concerns the Gumi and Caliphate’s bandits!)

If Lower Niger Bloc had been operating democracy, with public services working properly, why would young people go into crime, or street gangs, or allow themselves to be used by politicians? They would have been responsible and contented members of society.  

It is political parties and politicians in the Lower Niger Bloc who, because of personal gain and lack of positive regard for their own people, choose to uphold a sham and illegitimate 1999 Constitution over their own people. Politicians are “willing tools” who get paid big money to uphold and defend that Constitution, while keeping their own children abroad, safe from its harmful effects.

One can trace the root cause of much of the criminality in our Bloc to that 1999 Constitution, and it is the political class that are the main agents bringing out the criminality we see. It is the political class that are the GREATER criminals, by enticing the poor youth to commit violent or fraudulent crimes for them. 

Thus, since many young people committing crimes are actually victims of that 1999 Constitution and of ruthless politicians, LNC-NINAS is bringing “mercy” to indigenous youth involved in certain crimes as listed above, by offering them a “cease fire” TRUCE.

LNC-NINAS is telling these young people that there is a Plan that will bring them to a good destination; one without that illegitimate 1999 Constitution.

The TRUCE requires this: that young people now that they understand that they are VICTIMS of society and not necessarily criminals at heart, should accept this offer of mercy. They should stop committing crimes including being used by politicians, and redirect their anger and frustrations by keying into the Plan that will set them free to enjoy a useful new future. 

Since it is politicians who place the oppression and injustices of the 1999 Constitution upon young people (plus corrupt them), then young people should insist that politicians stop it! The life of the 1999 Constitution is renewed by political parties when they go to elections because the winner will swear an Oath of Office to defend and uphold that 1999 Constitution for four more years.

So young people (and everyone) should not allow political parties to prepare for general elections in 2023. Instead, Lower Niger Bloc should organise for a transitional government when the ethnic nations in our Bloc will have Referendums to vote whether to remain in the Union, or exit and have something fresh and different.

It is clear that this TRUCE is not encouraging violence, but is actually defusing the bad current situation. It will stop the deadly violence already present, brought on by the political class and their favoured 1999 Constitution.

A TRUCE is also offered to politicians who decide to side with their people and stop their treachery of imposing the sham Repudiated 1999 Constitution. It is obvious things will snap, and this TRUCE is the way to bring in hope, and order, in a non-violent manner to the Lower Niger Bloc that is boiling with violence.

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