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NINAS raises alarm over Fulani invasion, calls for action

Security Alarm and Call to Action

“There is credible evidence that under the presidency and commander-in-chiefship of Muhammadu Buhari , military bases across Nigeria have been incorporated into network of coordination and staging posts for the heavily armed Fulani invaders.” – May 1, 2021.

The eye-witness in this voice-note spoke from a Community in Okitipupa near the Army Base in Okitipupa.

His account corroborates an avalanche of other evidence that establish that under the Presidency of Muhammadu Buhari, Military Bases across Nigeria are being used as muster points, coordination points, staging posts and operational bases for the ongoing Fulani Invasion of Nigeria.

This eye-witness speaking from the location of incident in his Community in Okitipupa near an Army Base, is raising an urgent alarm about the arrival of, and reception into a Military Base, of a large contingent of Fulani men (with very few women) in 31 buses.

The Contingent by his estimation, numbers about 1000 men, who claimed they were members of a certain “Worldwide Security Agency” with training and certification.

He says that there was already a Fulani population of over 4000 camped right behind that same Army Base in a large “Farmland” acquired by the Army from the Community in the area behind that Army Base.

He said that initially the buses and its occupants were not allowed into the Army Base but after a while and apparently after some signal (by phone) from high quarters, the Contingent was allowed into the Army Base, but without their vehicles.

It was in the period of that initial stand-off with the Army Guards that he (the speaker) and others from the Community had joined in interrogating the Contingent as to their mission.

Leaving out some of the prescriptions of the speaker, it would be great if there can be a clear Audio of English Translation of this voice note, especially as to the factual observations (who came, what mission, what transpired at the Army Facility as well as the presence of earlier contingents of over 4000 in a “Farmland” acquired by the Army directly behind the Okitipupa Army base.

It will be recalled that at the inception of the Buhari Administration when the “Fulani Herdsmen” invasions began, the first attempt of the Federal Government to establish Grazing Routes throughout Nigeria were stoutly resisted in the South and Middle-Belt.

The Fulani-Controlled Federal Government, in league with the Fulani-Controlled National Assembly, tried to disguise the Dedicated Cattle Grazing Route scheme by renaming and representing it as National Livestock Program. It was vehemently rejected. Then they called it RUGA. Again it was rejected vehemently.

Having been resisted so stoutly, the Buhari “Federal Government”, hiding under the banner of National Food Security, came up with a Scheme directing that lands behind all Army Base throughout Nigeria be made available for Cattle Grazing and some kind of Ranching.

Next was to announce to the Country that some Soldiers were being sent to foreign Countries to be trained in Cattle Ranching.

Like a possessed willing-tool, Audu Ogbe Minister for Agriculture constantly and rambunctiously reeled out on National Television what new cattle-breeding measures that were being launched the Fulani-Controlled Federal Government.

It was in this period that Army Bases across Nigeria and the lands directly behind them became officially annexed for cattle business and Fulani herdsmen rendezvous.

It was in this period that Army intimidated many host Communities into surrendering their Farmlands in the areas behind Army Bases across Nigeria especially in the South and Middle-Belt.

With more and more evidence emerging from the various War Theatres in the Northeast of Nigeria regarding high-level official complicity in the routine targeting and elimination of Officers and Men from the South and Middle-Belt by Boko Haram and other Terrorists groups as well as staged accidents that routinely leaves only South and Middle-Belt casualties in Military Operations, it is clear that the Fulani Invasion and Conquest Mission is being directed and coordinated from the very seat of power in Nigeria.

The December 7, 2020 United States Designation of Nigeria as a Country of Particular Concern (CPC) and a State Sponsor of Terror along with the likes of Iran), independently reinforces this conclusion of Federal Government Collusion with the Terror Machinery currently sweeping through Nigeria.

It is against the backdrop of these grim realities that it has critically urgent for the rest of Nigeria now caught in a dire existential threat posed by the Federal Government-backed Fulani invasion, MUST brace up and take maximum advantage of the union dispute declared December 16, 2020 via the Constitutional Force Majeure (CFM) proclamation by the Nigeria Indigenous Nationalities Alliance for Self-Determination (NINAS), to extricate themselves from the “Union of Death” Nigeria has become.

NINAS Secretariat

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