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Ninety-Nine Days For The Thief – By Simeon Nwakaudu 

It is known worldwide  that lies travel faster than truth. Whilst the  truth is getting set, lies would have covered a thousand kilometres.  But rest assured, the truth always triumphs.

The Holy Bible in John 8:32 states:

“Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

This is the case with the APC.  The party was built on lies, concoctions, propaganda  and outright deceit. They concocted all manner of stories against Goodluck Jonathan, wrote negative scripts, acted them and derailed the country.

They raped the democratic process in one of the worst cases of “obtaining by false pretence” ever know to us in these parts.

It was an orchestrated theft. It involved  the media, courts, security, electoral system, international community and civil society groups.  Right before our eyes, they foisted on the country a criminal gang. 

They imposed on Nigeria, a bunch of road side thieves who have no conscience. All they are concerned  with is  to steal, kill and destroy.  They have kidnapped the economic and political spheres with venom, stealing everything in sight.

At the very beginning, some people attempted to raise the alarm, but they were  shouted down. Just imagine. Till date, we are yet to see the WAEC  certificate of the APC Presidential candidate. 

At the time, the APC Propaganda Machine claimed that it was the then PDP Federal Government that manipulated the process. The APC has been in Government for 30 months, but there is no certificate. 

One can safely say that the APC Presidential candidate was not qualified  to contest the election in the first place.  But they lied to Nigerians  that a NEPA certificate was better than a PhD. The truth has emerged.

One of the major planks upon which  this administration deceived Nigerians was that it would fight corruption.  Today, the  second name of the APC Federal Government is corruption.  Corruption has always been in this  country, but not in this magnitude. 

The first was the budget padding. The APC Federal Government submitted a budget, then stole  the budget.  Thereafter, all manner of figures emerged  from different Ministries.  Each Minister with his/her own figure under the armpit.

The budget padding went through without  anyone punished or investigated. The monies were shared and Nigerians had no projects in return. 

Several loans have been obtained by  the administration without projects. Another $5billion is in the offing. Two outlandish budgets with APC chieftains laughing  to the bank, while Nigerians are wailing.

When we thought that the thieves have stolen enough, Minister of State for Petroleum, Dr Ibe Kachikwu exposed the $25billion contract scam at NNPC.  The suspected scam operative, instead of facing prosecution was rewarded with a prayer session  at the Presidential Villa Mosque. 

Now the Maina fraud issue. This is the one day for Nigerians. It is the exposure  of the deep thievery  within the APC Federal Government. 

Available data now in the public domain indicate  that  the reinstatement of Maina who was sacked  by the Jonathan administration and declared wanted was a compensation. 

If not, why would three top officials including the Attorney General of the Federation be involved in this international embarrassment. 

It is a sad commentary for the entire country that Winifred Oyo-Ita, head of the civil service of the federation; Abdulrahman Dambazau, minister of interior; and Abubakar Malami, minister of justice are linked to this unfortunate development.  It speaks volumes. 

It implies that corruption is a policy of this APC Federal Government.  With the signature of the  Chief Law Officer, this entire scam has devalued  Nigeria in the comity of nations.

Recall that the Chief Law Officer, Malami instead of instituting  the investigation and prosecution of the Inspection of Police  over allegation of fraud by  Senator Misau, chose to defend the IGP by filing charges  against  the whistle blower.

The so-called sack of Maina is another joke. Rather than apologise and repent, the APC Federal Government is busy pulling  more stunts. Maina was not reinstated and promoted overnight.  A lengthy  process that involved  the entire administration took place. 

Now that Nigerians have discovered the  fraud called APC, the only way forward  is to make amends.  There is no future with thieves  who don’t show remorse.  This tragedy must be dicontinued in the interest of the nation.

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