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Why NKST, Like Catholic Church, Should Accept Criticisms

By Terfa Naswem

NKST is a product of criticisms of the Roman Catholic Church and should always accept criticisms in good faith

I was born in the NKST family at NKST Hospital, Mkar, Gboko LGA of Benue State. My late parents were products of NKST and wedded in the NKST church. I attended NKST Secondary School Adikpo in Kwande LGA of Benue State. I have many friends and family members who are still communicant members of NKST. But I am not a communicant member of the church, although I respect and occasionally worship with the church and attend weddings and other events organized in the church.

Nongu u Kristu u i ser u ser u Sha Tar (NKST) also known as Universal Reformed Christian Church is a product of the criticisms of the Roman Catholic Church and should understand that criticisms should be welcomed and the church should learn how to manage them in a way that will not tear the church apart or create more division amongst other churches.

Martin Luther’s protestant reformation in his criticisms of the Roman Catholic Church gave birth to the formation of NKST as a protestant church. Luther was an influential scholar, professor, and monk in the 16th century who transformed the Catholic Church by sparking the beginning of the protestant reformation on October 31, 1517 when he nailed his argument against the Roman Catholic Church which led to his 95 theses against the church.

Luther orchestrated the division of the Catholic and protestant churches. Even as a young Augustinian Monk, Luther was convinced the Catholic church had lost its way. He was a man looking to simply reform the Roman Catholic Church and its preachings because he disagreed with it.

Despite the fact that Luther brought his protestant reformation and had many followers who left the Catholic Church and joined him, there were still millions who still held onto the doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church and stood by it.

There are many communicant members of NKST who left the church to join other churches for not being comfortable with some aspects of its doctrine, while others even established their own churches.

NKST is not the only church that has been facing criticism. There are many other churches that are being criticized. NKST in response to such criticisms should not make matters complex and should not take a divisive position but reaffirm its commitment to upholding its doctrine by appealing to non communicant members who attend weddings or other events at NKST to bear with the church by obeying its doctrine; not for the leaders and communicant members of the church to portray sanctimonious nature that makes others look as if they are trash ready to be discarded.

I am appealing to NKST Synod to do the needful not to create unnecessary divisions against other churches and should ensure mutual understanding amongst other churches. NKST has been strangled in some controversies recently and this is not healthy for the church, non-members and Christianity in general

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