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Nnamdi Kanu, BSS, Amotekun, Igbo Leaders & The Rest Of Us

By Ifeanyi Chijioke

The simple truth is Igbos have lost direction; we are so disorganized and recent activities have not helped the deadly situation. With AMOTEKUN it is clear Yorubas have direction in terms of indigenous welfare.

We followed our political leaders; they used us for politics. We followed our regional/socio-cultural leaders; they used us to walk on corridors of power. We said no more politics or Nigeria and followed Biafra agitators; Uwazurike became rich, Nnamdi Kanu became rich, and we are still left where we were gnashing teeth.

Igbo leaders should be held responsible because their irresponsibility led to destruction of Igbo land; had they done what elders ought to do, Nnamdi Kanu would not be out there destroying the little left of our people.

They first lost direction and everything followed… Kanu promised Yorubas one million men to help defend Yoruba land while he ran away — could not defend himself and his lawyer, and herdsmen littered Igbo land, such confused man is not worth giving attention.

Yoruba people came together, their political leaders, regional leaders and youths were of sound and one mind, and they achieved AMOTEKUN- in the interest of their people.

If Nnia Nwodo is not fighting with certain governor who wants his interest in Ohaneze Ndigbo, a regional leader is telling Uwazurike or Nnamdi Kanu that he is the leader and calls the shot.

Nnamdi Kanu is organizing saboteurs’ day against Igbo leaders, no respect and no courteousness. Everybody is after wealth and fame; nobody can sacrifice for the people’s interest.

Igbo land is so disorganized and has never been this disorganized before. Nnamdi Kanu instilled the ideology of audio world, we thought it would end there, he instigated the youths to protest against Igbo activities and Igbo leaders, but it was not the lowest until we saw IPOB beating political leaders and threatening everybody. With such childish character; how will Igbo land progress or achieve something?

We have lost the gum needed to achieve what Yorubas and Hausas can achieve in Nigeria; it has dawned on Nnamdi Kanu that his own pattern of Biafra is a sham, where then will he go from here?

He would not leave the stage; instead, he resorted to attacking people he said was the reason he did not get Biafra. For how long and when will the regional unity needed to achieve collective goal be? A failure will always have excuse for failing; and Nnamdi Kanu’s excuse is Igbo leaders.

History will not only remember Nnamdi Kanu as the most deceitful agitator to have ever graced the struggle; but as the failed agitator that destroyed Igbo land and instigated us against each other.

I could not stomach a press statement he was taking credit of the very BSS he disbanded and threatened to kill or expel anybody parading himself as a member. He went further to declare that only Biafra volunteer force was his recognized outfit.

We all knew we needed governors, political and social-cultural leaders to achieve BSS, but Kanu wanted to be the supreme, unfortunately, he is today a fugitive.

Nnamdi Kanu knew nothing about the formation of BSS; lack of information has cost the people good judgment and Nnamdi Kanu thrives on the ignorance of the people.

By proxy, I have had a chat with the founder of BSS in Germany and directly talked with those Biafra in land who are up till now my close allies.

Kanu fell out with BSS because he was adjudged by the members to have no power to interfere and as a result, Nnamdi Kanu used his radio Biafra to disband BSS and threatened its members.

Although, BSS got the approval of Nnamdi Kanu after its formation; but instead of looking at the ways or measures to fight Fulani herdsmen, they went straight to Nnamdi Kanu who received a guard of honor, permit me to ask, Nnamdi Kanu received a guard of honor as what or who?

From then on; the mission of BSS was clear, to be used to kill Nnamdi Kanu’s perceived enemies, fight Igbo leaders he dubbed saboteurs and guard his home that eventually fell. BSS became Nnamdi Kanu’s private security; dispersing crowd and feeding him information on saboteurs.

Clearly; it is a sheer stupidity to compare BSS to AMOTEKUN; BSS was a group Kanu hijacked — reset to kill Igbo leaders, saboteurs, critics like Prophet Nwoko and others.

As soon as a section of BSS refused to do Nnamdi Kanu’s bidding, what he did was to disband them and threatened to kill anybody parading himself as member.

Nnamdi Kanu can manipulate all but history; he would be remembered for being the most deceitful of all agitators.

Ifeanyi Chijioke is a freelance journalist. He writes from Enugu.

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